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  1. Proposed Feature: For a given keyword query, add the ability to take space-delimited positional arguments, e.g "query 1 2 3" Rationale: In multiple cases, most notably with urls, I'd like to be able to provide multiple arguments such that I could construct a url such as: app.ourdomain.com/tool/{query1}/path/{query2}/id/{query3} Possible Implementation: Accept multiple space-delimited arguments after a keyword that are accessible by positional reference in the url/piped-to script etc. Ideally this would work with both required and optional argument types.
  2. Proposed Feature: Provide a default argument that will be used in place of a query in the event that no query is provided. Rationale: In my particular use case, I have workflows that are mapped to urls, with the keywords representing unique customer identifiers within local/qa/production environments. For example: app.ourdomain.com/feature/{query}/some/path I'd like to have a single workflow that would populate the customerID field with a default value if no query is provided (the ID i'm working w/ 90% of the time), but that would still respect queries when they are use
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