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  1. Hey Andrew and Vero! This is a kinda petty whinge, but I noticed a little glitch with Alfred's Music feature under Catalina. The first time I popped it open, Catalina asked if I would permit Alfred to control Music. The permission prompt locked Alfred up, but appeared behind him: I couldn't dismiss the player while Alfred was waiting for clearance, nor could I grant clearance while the player was in the way. Ultimately not a big deal, just took me a minute to get reoriented.
  2. It's been about five years since I touched it so I'm not sure it's still any good, but you could see if https://github.com/phyllisstein/Workflows/tree/master/OpenMeta%20Tags does what you're looking for.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I wound up going through PyObjC, after discovering that Objective-C has an NSMetadataQuery object perfectly suited to my needs.
  4. Hey guys, I'm at my absolute wit's end about this, and figured that maybe someone wiser and Alfred-connected would have some idea. I'm trying to come up with a scriptable way to reveal all the OpenMeta tags being used on a machine. I know that it must be possible, since Leap, Yep, and Tags all do it to varying extents, I just can't work out how. The only thing that's come to mind so far is getting the results of mdfind "kMDItemOMUserTags == *" and passing each one to xattr, but that just seems patently ridiculous and inefficient. So I'm hoping against hope that someone in here will have a bet
  5. That's great! Thanks so much; it works beautifully.
  6. Neat-o! Thanks so much, this is great work. For some reason, though, Droplr isn't showing up for me. I'm not sure how to debug it, lost as I am when it comes to shell scripting; is it possible that the app-store version has a different bundle ID than the version on their website?
  7. Hot damn. I just wish this had come along before I bought MailHub!
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