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  1. Hey Andrew and Vero! This is a kinda petty whinge, but I noticed a little glitch with Alfred's Music feature under Catalina. The first time I popped it open, Catalina asked if I would permit Alfred to control Music. The permission prompt locked Alfred up, but appeared behind him: I couldn't dismiss the player while Alfred was waiting for clearance, nor could I grant clearance while the player was in the way. Ultimately not a big deal, just took me a minute to get reoriented.
  2. It's been about five years since I touched it so I'm not sure it's still any good, but you could see if https://github.com/phyllisstein/Workflows/tree/master/OpenMeta%20Tags does what you're looking for.
  3. Hi all, The workflow is still available from GitHub (https://github.com/phyllisstein/Workflows), but my work demands have been such that it's not actively maintained now and unlikely to be in the future. The fact that Cultured Code is on a pretty lackadaisical release cycle may grant it some longevity, but beware the danger of getting comfortable with it only to have the next Things update introduce breaking changes. I've been hoping to make the time to give these and some other old projects a spit-shine for a while, but it just hasn't been possible; in lieu of that, I'll gladly and gratefully entertain offers from anyone looking to take responsibility for one or more of these gadgets. xo, d
  4. Sweet fancy Moses, Andrew, this just about shatters all my personal records for density and foolishness. I didn't even know that checkbox existed, let alone how it got checked. Thanks for bringing it to my attention—all appears to be well now.
  5. Hey Andrew! Long time no see! I hate to play the bad penny, but after a shameful dalliance with the Spotlight redesign I've come crawling back and reinstalled Alfred under the latest Yosemite Developer Preview—build 14A298i, allegedly; I think that's DP4—and noticed a little glitch. When I look up a word with the dictionary shortcut, Alfred shows a link to the definition but not the definition itself. I'm attaching a screenshot, in case that's helpful. Not by any means a pressing problem, natch, and one that I arguably brought on myself by jumping at a prerelease OS like a dog at a leg, but if you have any suggestions I'd be only too glad to hear them. Thanks in advance for your help; and thanks, as always, for all your hard work on Alfred!
  6. Assuming that you're invoking your Python scripts from within a shell script, you might have better luck changing the PYTHONPATH environment variable than trying to muck around with sys.path. You could either standardize on a common path, as the invaluable @nikipore suggests, or use your personal workflow's storage path, then prepend it to PYTHONPATH before calling Python. Then, from within the script, it'd be a matter of wrapping your import in a try/except block that downloaded, extracted, and re-imported the dependency. Not sure if that's super-helpful, though, or even the best way of going about it. Edit: Or better yet, do all the checking and downloading from within your shell script, then just write the Python script assuming the module is already there. That's almost guaranteed to be simpler.
  7. Hah, yeah... my first few workflows, and I think a fair number of others at the time, were very Web-centric; and since bundling Requests was actually a bigger chore than I'd expected, and involved a lot of weird bespoke changes to how it imported its own dependencies, I thought it would be more helpful than not. By the time the winds changed, I'd accidentally gotten a day job and left alp to languish; so there Requests stays. Is the story there.
  8. Hah, no worries! I appreciate the frankness. I'll have to see if I can't find some time to correct (or, as you point out, not!) the error on my own. Please do scavenge whatever seems useful for your own module. Working the whole thing in as a submodule is smart; when I was working on alp, we were all trying to keep zipped workflows under 1MB, so deleting git's voluminous histories always made more sense, but I don't think that's a concern anymore. Good luck, and thanks again for the pointer!
  9. Ah! Thanks for the tip. This is extraordinarily lazy of me, but as I've sort of abandoned that particular darling of mine in a basket on the broader community's doorstep, could I ask you to fork the repository and submit a pull request? I can merge it and add a note in the README crediting you for the fix, but I don't personally have the spare cycles to dig into it myself.
  10. Hi there, As I've said in a few other places, the reservoir of time that allowed me to maintain, troubleshoot, and update these workflows has long run dry. I've uploaded big chunks of the code, though overlooking the Info.plist files, along with all the .alfredworkflow packages, to Github, if you'd like to take a crack at improving them. All I can suggest is that you remove any update.json files in my own workflows and keep an eye on your logs.
  11. The Github repo is at https://github.com/phyllisstein/Workflows and there's a link in my sad little modified signature. All the .alfredworkflow files are there, as well as much of the code---though as Alexander noticed, not the raw Info.plist files.
  12. Aha, that's right—I didn't commit any of the Info.plist files. Schoolboy error on my part. For the time being, I'm just going to pull in the binary, which'll have your Github username on it, as well as add a little note to the README about your contribution. I'll add redoing the repository so that it includes all the relevant files to my (ever-growing) todo list.
  13. Thanks so much for your majorly helpful contribution, Alexander. (Not least because it makes the workflow usable for me again!) I was definitely hoping the Github repo would encourage people to pick up where I'd left (often abruptly and clumsily) off. Not having the time to look after my hatchlings breaks my heart, so it's good to know they're taking flight on their own. If you're on Github, I'd encourage you to fork the repository and send a pull request, so that others can reap the fruits of your labor and so that you'll continue getting credit for it.
  14. Yeah… I've been playing musical chairs with Web servers again, and things aren't always coming back online fast. Although it's actually sort of salutary, since I no longer plan on maintaining my workflows or the website where they used to live. You can find them, including this one, on GitHub at https://github.com/phyllisstein/Workflows—but they're no longer actively supported or updated.
  15. I've been having some server-side issues that are probably causing my own download links to fail, along with any Alleyoop-configured workflows by me personally---however, that wouldn't affect other developers' workflows at all. I'll be doing one last server migration soon that will hopefully correct the problem on my end; in the meantime, I suggest you check the log files in the workflow's folder to see which ones are bombing. If you don't want to delete a whole workflow just because Alleyoop isn't updating it---and why should you?---just open the workflow's folder and delete update.json. Alleyoop only tracks the workflows for which it can find that file. Note that you may have to force a cache reset with oop! in order to see any changes.
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