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  1. That's not exactly what I meant. A disconnect occurs between me and Alfred because I'm using an optional argument on the script filter out of necessity, but actually intend for their to be an argument in practical use. I type 'n' and the script filter shows a list of existing files. Then I either select one of the existing filenames or type a new string which gets passed to nvAlt and created as a new file. I need the optional argument in order to show the list of existing files to begin with. Alfred, quite rightly, matches the script filter and default results the moment I press 'n'. Now that I've actually thought about it, I see there's no reasonable alternative and given that my script filter results are prioritised it's really a non-issue anyway.
  2. Having played around a bit more I see that there's no reasonable way around this for Alfred. Please close or delete this thread. ===== This thread describes my issue: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2924-hiding-default-results-from-script-filter-results/?p=17011 It would be quite excellent to have an option within a script filter to suppress any default results that may be matched by the keyword and arguments that match the script filter. I get default results mixed in with my script filter results which doesn't match my intention.
  3. Having played around a bit more, I see your point. I'll just live with it.
  4. I've created a script filter interface to my nvAlt notes. The keyword is 'n <optional argument>'. Pressing 'n<space>' shows all of my notes; any argument is used to filter the list. My problem is that default results, such as contacts and apps, are also added to Alfred's results list, not just what my script filter returns. Is there a way to hide these? Cheers Nick
  5. untidey

    Terminal Theme

    Sorry for the delayed response. I've actually stopped using this theme, but here's a theme URL with the approximate colour scheme. You can adjust fonts etc as required: http://cl.ly/2q2E1G330t1d
  6. I wonder if Alfred could by taught to only fire off the script once a keypress timeout was met? So, instead of firing on immediate keypress, he waits for a very short time (30ms?) to see if another key has been pressed, only firing the script once no new keypress is registered. So, in the Avengers example, instead of firing on the press of 'a' it only fires once 'avengers' is fully typed, assuming you type 'avengers' quickly. Does that make sense? I couldn't find conclusive data on how quickly users typically type but did come across Jakob Nielsen's findings that a 100ms response time is still perceived as instantaneous. http://www.nngroup.com/articles/response-times-3-important-limits/
  7. Thanks for the explanation Andrew. Makes perfect sense now that you mention it.
  8. Seems b100 or b105 has added the ability to pass selected files as arguments to keywords. I think it still makes sense to add these options to keywords, unless there's a technical reason it can't be done? - Selection in OS X - OS X Clipboard contents
  9. Cheers for the response. It may be a local issue. I tried reinstalling Alfred v1 and fn-up and down simply go to the start and end of my input line - same as with v2.
  10. I see what you mean. Thanks Carlos. No way around in standard search results it seems... I'll go the file filter route.
  11. Howdy all I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue, or not? I'd like to search for apps in /System/Library/CoreServices, in particular Folder Actions Setup, but Alfred can't find it. I've added the directory to my default results search scope and Alfred can find Finder, but not anything else. Spotlight can see the apps: Nick@MacBook[~]$ mdfind -name "Folder Actions" | grep "CoreServices" /System/Library/CoreServices/Folder Actions Setup.app /System/Library/CoreServices/Folder Actions Dispatcher.app Any thoughts would be appreciated! Cheers, Nick
  12. Thanks bud, works for me too. Though I'm still wondering if my initial issue is an Alfred bug or not.
  13. I'm running into trouble with using nvAlt's custom url scheme and want to understand if it's an Alfred issue or not. Given the following web search: This works great for single word queries - "nv lent" - but fails silently if there's a space in the query - "nv lent things" = fall over in a heap. nvAlt expects the 2nd query above to be encoded as "nvalt://lent%20things". Anyone know how Alfred should encode the query when "Encode spaces as +" isn't checked? EDIT: Now fixed in b137.
  14. Cool thanks for the input. I found the cause of our issues. Non-interactive shells don't expand aliases by default. I'm now using the following: shopt -s expand_aliases source /Users/Nick/.bash_profile {query} 2>&1 & I needed to append the ampersand to the final line to get Sublime Text 2 to play nicely when called from the workflow though I don't understand why.
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