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  1. Hi, #deanishe thank you so much for responding! Yes, there are a couple different "from" and "to" files that I would eventually like to do this with, but by far the most common, is the following. The document would start out at this location: /Users/ian/Dropbox (Ian)/#Inbox And I would want to move it to this location: /Users/ian/Dropbox (Ian)/7. Reference Files/03 LoicClients So, in an ideal world there is a file in my "#Inbox" folder and I highlight it and use Alfred, and two things happen (in this order), 1) the file magics over to "03 LoicClients" and 2) a link is created from the file (in its new location) to the inbox of my task manager program (which is called Things3). Also, there is a keyboard shortcut that creates a link from a file to Things3 so I don't know if that would be part of the code somehow, it is: Control-Option-Space For context, the end objective or motive for me, is that as I go through the process of naming and filing all my new stuff (from #Inbox to LoicClients) I do not have to simultaneously figure out what action to take on that stuff -- I just need to identify if SOMETHING remains to be done with it, and then when I am in a separate mental state, I can go to my Things3 Inbox and figure out what al those somethings are that need to be done. Most of the stuff, will just get filed. But some of it I will identify as actionable and link back to Things3. (That is, later on, when I am in Things3 the link will take me to the file; The link will end up existing in Things3 and take me to the file). If you can put me on the right path I would definitely appreciate that! A disclaimer; some of these forum topics go over my head, for example when people are talking about code, I don't even know where I am supposed to type the code. I've read the intro to Workflows etc, but then there is a big gap between that and many of the forum posts...but I am willing to dig into this, given a starting point. Thank you! -Ian
  2. Hello -- I am new to Alfred. I am not a coder. So far I have figured out how to use the text expander, and I have sort-of understood the sample workflows. But I cannot make my own workflow that works! Here is what I would like to do with a workflow when all is said and done: 1) I manually select a file in Finder, that is in my "Inbox" folder (just a folder on my Mac); 2) Since it is a file that I want to organize into my reference files and I also want to remember to "do" something associated with it, I would like to have a hot key that will first "move" the file to a certain folder (designated as my "reference" folder) and then 2) it will send a link to the file, to my task manager (Things3). That way, I have now fully processed the file in to my GTD system: It is filed away, and I have a reminder of it in my task manager. Help with either of these components would be greatly appreciated. I feel like the first part should be super easy, but I can't figure out to create a workflow that makes it happen. I think I am missing something very basic. (btw, I know that alt-command-\ is a hot-key that allows me to "move" but I can't make this happen IN A WORKFLOW. Thank you!
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