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  1. @Andrew /System/Library/CoreServices/ScreenSaverEngine.app will start it, it used to be in a different path previously (which is why I'm guessing it's stopped working from Alfred (assume it's pointing to the old location)
  2. In High Sierra ScreenSaverEngine.app has now moved to /System/Library/CoreServices/ which means launching screensaver from Alfred no longer works, is it possible for me to update somethinhg on the current version to get this working again?
  3. I ended up doing this with a script action instead of open url followed by clipboard
  4. In this case it's safe to assume that users will always want to copy it to the clipboard, which is why I don't want to add a modifier key. I just seems that copy to clipboard is quite limited, or if it is possible to copy more than {query}, {time}, {date} and {clipboard} there is no indication of what else available?
  5. Hi David This is for the Drupal workflow I've written, {query} is required for opening a URL, but I'd like to copy the full function including it's expected variables to the clipboard. an example: aggregator_admin_remove_feed_submit <-- 'arg' / {query} required for the opened url to work properly -https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/7/search/{query} -https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/7/search/aggregator_admin_remove_feed_submit aggregator_admin_remove_feed_submit($form, &$form_state) <-- 'title' is what I want to copy to the to clipboard Just in case it helps here is a lrger section of the code $results = array(); foreach( $matches as $hook => $sugg ) { if (!empty($sugg)) { $value = $sugg; } else { $value = ""; } $item = array( 'uid' => $value['hookname'], 'arg' => $value['hook'], 'title' => $value['hook'], 'subtitle' => $value['value'], 'icon' => 'icon.png', ); array_push( $results, $item ); } if ( count( $results ) > 0 ): echo $utils->toxml( $results ); else: echo '<?xml version="1.0"?><items><item uid="suggest '. $text . '" arg="none"><title>No match</title><subtitle>Try changing your search query.</subtitle><icon>error.png</icon></item></items>'; endif;
  6. is it bossible to copy any of these to the clipboard 'uid' => $value['hookname'], 'arg' => $value['hookname'], <- {query} 'title' => $value['hook'], <- ideally I want to copy this 'subtitle' => $value['value'],
  7. Resolved by adding the following to the dp Script Filter: ini_set('max_execution_time', '300'); ini_set('memory_limit', '265M' ); ini_set('post_max_size', '30M'); ini_set('upload_max_filesize', '30M');
  8. In the following workflow there are several commands that cache a local copy of data to make the workflow faster, I've just added a new command that this functionality isn't working properly for, which is strange given that the code is pretty simmilar to how the other commands that are working function. Working example: d7 hook_ (will download a file to data dir called d7.array) If you install the workflow https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgg7p4gkb8cs0e5/Drupal.alfredworkflow and then type the following (dp alfred) it should download an XML file (which is 15.2MB) and convert it into a much smaller projects.array (2.9MB) that gets saved to the data dir, this all works fine when I test it as a php script from terminal, but when I run it from Alfred I can see the network activity for the download, but the projects.array file never gets saved to disk. If I copy the projects.array file that was created when running from terminal into the data folder it works fine though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. This is a great workflow though it doesn't appear to work with Firefox, any chance of adding support? (I'm using FF Aurora 22.0a2)
  10. This plugin caches the Drupal api function list's locally and shows the variables that the function expects to receive as well, hitting enter opens the relevant page on api.drupal.org. Drupal API lookup d5 [substring_of-hook] (cached for 90 days) d6 [substring_of-hook] (cached for 90 days) d7 [substring_of-hook] (cached for 30 days) d8 [substring_of-hook] (cached for 2 days) g.d.o dg [nid or group] d.o do [nid or project] Search Drupal site network ds [string to search] Drupal user du [user id or name] Drush (drush as per Alfred v1 Drupal plugin) dd d [command] (a Drush alias with a Drush command command Action - Invokes Drush dd o [command] (a Drush alias Action - Opens the URI associated with the Drush alias in a browser) Download at: http://realityloop.com/blog/2013/03/15/advanced-drupal-workflow-alfred-v2
  11. If your using php then you can store the file using the data location when using David F's workflows.php include: https://github.com/jdfwarrior/Workflows
  12. The idea was to make it easier for all developers.. I wasn't thinking about myself.
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