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  1. Thank you yet again for another wonderful workflow. I had issues with previous versions but 1.61 seems to fix everything. Successfully updated via Alleyoop. I love tz nameofthecity functionality. Switching from Wolfram Alpha improved accuracy, at least here.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Alfred Clipboard history option would come in handy. It stores info (if enabled) and maybe a script could read last xy entries and forward it as merged list to OS X clipboard. Sorry if this is confusing. For example, I assume when uploading image by image at the moment every link would be in clipboard history, and if batch upload could be possible OS X would record only the latest URL, but shouldn't Alfred remember all of them as if they if you hit CTRL-C X-number of times? Then a script could pull URLs from the list and merge it in single list when pasting - if 3 files
  3. Thank you so much for this workflow. I usually upload my screenshots manually and this saves me a lot of time. I am just wondering if it possible to add multiple image option? Just 2 or 3 images. Maybe do a batch upload and then being able to paste the links? I don't know how would clipboard functionally work since it wipe the previous link. It is just a suggestion. I like it great as is. Simple and works great.
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