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  1. Thanks for the report! I tried it on Catalina just now and it worked for me. I think the issue is that you have contacts included in the default search results, so you could turn that (and the other defaults) off if you really want n[search string] to work for searching. An alternative that I've come to prefer is to map command-space to open Notes, and command-L to do the note search. The workflow includes empty hotkey boxes that you can set this way.
  2. It should be possible, but isn't that duplicating the functionality of Alfred snippets?
  3. @Regluke that's very kind of you, you can donate here if you like but don't worry, it didn't take long to fix your issue and I think most people would have run into it at some point, so you've already done a service by reporting it. @Jasondm007 I poked around with AppleScript to open a note in a new window and couldn't figure it out, so I don't think I'll be able to add this feature. I'll be happy to add it if anyone else figures it out.
  4. Hi all! Opening notes in a new window and supporting folders are on my to-do list. @Regluke to debug, could you open the workflow in Alfred preferences and click on the bug icon on the top right corner? That will open a little white area for debug info. Then try searching for something with n and send me what shows up in the debug window.
  5. @Jasondm007 Nice idea, I've added this feature in version 1.4. Let me know if it works for you. If it asks you to choose a program to open the notes:// links, you probably need to move [workflow directory]/Note Opener/Note Opener.app to /Applications.
  6. Gotcha. I'm hesitant to mix folders and notes in the same search results, which is why I implemented the folder-only search you suggested. You can download the latest version of the workflow to try it. I'm also fairly sure the "fallback" behavior you're describing is currently implemented. If I have a folder named Aardvark containing notes Bob and Charlie, when I do the normal "n" search for Aardvark, the results will be Bob and Charlie.
  7. @Jasondm007 Glad you're finding it useful! I chose to implement your first suggestion. In case you didn't know, the standard search already shows notes with matching folder names.
  8. @40-02 have you tried the keywords a or b instead of n to search?
  9. Updated the workflow with some better AppleScript methods, including one that searches note bodies. @deanishe the JSON is being output properly now using Foundation framework methods. Note bodies are obtained from AppleScript in HTML which I parse using regex (against all internet advice, but has been working so far—notes with HTML snippets are going to be less searchable). Let me know if there are better ways to grab the body text. I tried using JXA but found it was slower for me than AppleScript where I'm careful to access large objects as references. I looked into the new note fallback option but this seems difficult for script filters in Alfred, especially when Alfred handles narrowing the search results.
  10. That's a good idea, I'll put it on the to-do list! @wkoutre and @40-02 this bug is now fixed by the PR from @shortbread and an extra check I added. Packal and Github releases have been updated.
  11. Thanks for your contribution, this is great! @Jasondm007 was requesting this feature. Seems like people are into the full text search so we could make that the default and "search titles only" as an option. I'm on vacation for a week but will add this when I'm back. You can make a PR if you want and/or I'll make a list of contributors on the github page.
  12. Sure, here's the new thread: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11716-search-apple-notes-in-high-sierra-and-other-macos-versions/
  13. You were right, I did some more testing and it's actually the accessing the name of each container (folder) that's taking up time. Currently I'm doing it as set noteRefs to a reference to every note in default account set containers to container of noteRefs (inside the loop:) name of item i of containers So to make it fast I probably need to deal with references of the containers instead of the containers themselves, but I'm not sure how the syntax for that looks. For me the whole thing runs in less than 0.1 seconds without containers, and 2 seconds with them. Good point, I forgot about that. I henceforth ban unusual characters in note titles! I didn't know about JXA though, I'll look into it. Glad you like it. I poked around and couldn't easily find the note text in the SQL database. It might be easier to get with the AppleScript methods, but it wasn't immediately working for me, probably because they're stored in HTML and we want them as a string. I will try to look into it further. I'm happy to include searching the body too as an option, but I made it search titles only for now because I like the more specific search scope.
  14. Hi, I've created a workflow to find and open Apple/iCloud notes in Notes.app. Just type n[part of note title] and press enter. The default search method is known to work on High Sierra and Mojave, but AppleScript options are also supplied that should work on other macOS versions. Get it on Packal and feel free to open issues/make pull requests on GitHub.
  15. Hey guys, I made a version that works on High Sierra: http://www.packal.org/workflow/search-apple-notes It gives a couple options: - Use Python to open a SQL database and AppleScript to open the note directly (fast but I've only tested on High Sierra) - Use AppleScript to get all the note names and then find the requested note and open it (decently fast, should work for other OSes) - Use AppleScript to get all note+folder names then do the same as above (slow) If anyone is an AppleScript wizard, it seems like building the output string for Alfred takes the longest time, and this thing could be fast and cross-compatible if that was fixed.
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