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  1. Yes, you can right-click the background of the workflow, add trigger → fallback search → connect to n, nf, and nb, then in the features tab → default results → setup fallback results → plus button → workflow trigger → notes. Not as far as I know, unfortunately.
  2. Thanks! Could you try changing the first line in get_notes.py from #!/usr/bin/env python3 to #!/usr/bin/python3? If that doesn't work, you may need to install the xcode command line tools using the command xcode-select --install Sorry for the trouble, I was hoping it would work out of the box.
  3. As always, I'll need to see some debug logs before I can help.
  4. Should work pre-Catalina if the user has a python 3 installation, because it calls /usr/bin/env python3. In any case the old releases are still on github. The future is now!
  5. Version 2.0.0 released! The workflow now runs on python 3 and lets you copy note bodies with cmd+enter and search note bodies with a new keyword. Other minor changes: include version number, drop confusing .app.alfredworkflow extension, add please wait subtext. I don't think it's possible to have text indicating that no result was found.
  6. Yep, you can drag the notes url text out of the notes app or another text field, into the finder, and it will create a .inetloc file. If you double click that, the URL handler should do its job!
  7. Please send me the text in the debug log after you try to find and open a note. Take care to remove any private note contents if they show up there.
  8. @Jasondm007 in your filesystem, is Notes.app located in /Applications as well as /System/Applications? @Regluke and @Vero the basic functionality is now restored on Catalina as of version 1.4.3, which you can download on Packal or Github releases. Soon I will look into notarizing the Note Opener app that handles notes:// urls.
  9. I installed Catalina alongside Mojave and I think I've fixed it by modifying the AppleScript slightly—will upload the updated version soon. For people fully on Catalina, is the Notes icon showing up correctly next to results when you use the workflow? The icon depends on the location of the Notes app. In my installation I had both /System/Applications/Notes.app and /Applications/Notes.app.
  10. Sorry to hear it's not working, I'm still on Mojave for the time being. Could you send me the text in the debug log after you find and open a note? Take care to remove any private note contents if they show up there. The note opener app only runs when you click on a note:// link. The fact that search works but opening doesn't means there's some trouble when Alfred tries to run the applescript that opens a note.
  11. Thanks for the report! I tried it on Catalina just now and it worked for me. I think the issue is that you have contacts included in the default search results, so you could turn that (and the other defaults) off if you really want n[search string] to work for searching. An alternative that I've come to prefer is to map command-space to open Notes, and command-L to do the note search. The workflow includes empty hotkey boxes that you can set this way.
  12. It should be possible, but isn't that duplicating the functionality of Alfred snippets?
  13. @Regluke that's very kind of you, you can donate here if you like but don't worry, it didn't take long to fix your issue and I think most people would have run into it at some point, so you've already done a service by reporting it. @Jasondm007 I poked around with AppleScript to open a note in a new window and couldn't figure it out, so I don't think I'll be able to add this feature. I'll be happy to add it if anyone else figures it out.
  14. Hi all! Opening notes in a new window and supporting folders are on my to-do list. @Regluke to debug, could you open the workflow in Alfred preferences and click on the bug icon on the top right corner? That will open a little white area for debug info. Then try searching for something with n and send me what shows up in the debug window.
  15. @Jasondm007 Nice idea, I've added this feature in version 1.4. Let me know if it works for you. If it asks you to choose a program to open the notes:// links, you probably need to move [workflow directory]/Note Opener/Note Opener.app to /Applications.
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