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  1. Yes, most times when I try to put the Mac to sleep using the Apple menu, it starts to go to sleep and comes back to life. It’s weird because I’ve used Alfred for years on my old Mac, and never had a problem like this. I spent three hours on tech support with Apple, and I reinstalled this new Mac Mini twice, and the problem doesn’t seem to start until I install Alfred, but honestly I’ve given up on the reinstalls because I have work to do. Putting the Mac to sleep with Alfred’s sleep command works, so that’s been my solution. Like you wrote, I couldn’t imagine Alfred being a problem, and there is nothing in the log files, but empirically it seems to be the cause of the problem. But again, not a huge issue, I now have a workaround. Thanks!
  2. FWIW, I only use the basic Alfred functionality to launch apps, and snippets. So I disabled everything else, and this now happens much less frequently. It also seems to help if I use the "sleep" command through Alfred rather than using the Sleep option on the Apple menu.
  3. Hi, I just installed Alfred 4.5.1 on a Mac Mini M1 running macOS Big Sur (11.6). After installing Alfred, the Mac keeps waking up when I try to put it to sleep (Apple menu -> Sleep). This happened yesterday, and I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, because I did a normal install of all my apps. So this morning I reinstalled macOS, and then added Alfred in, and as soon as I did, this sleep problem came back. If it helps to know it, I currently have a USB keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse, and I’m using an ethernet cable and an HDMI monitor. Except for the ethernet, I used all of these on my previous MacBook Pro, but I thought I should mention them. Any help is appreciated.
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