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  1. Thanks again RogerWW. Y works just fine! Strange thing is, after running that workflow it will hit enter automatically. So basically it will return: 2015_01_27 I was looking to use this workflow for naming daily folders, but now it will add unnecessary (and un supported character) for folder naming. It's easily removable so not too big issue, but would be great if it would be one click solution. This also might be how Alfred snippet will work... Thanks
  2. Great RogerWW! I'm only missing 20 part from 2015. Right now I will get 15_01_27. Is it possible to have 2015_01_27? Also is it possible to create new folder to currently active location (in finder) using that date name? Thanks
  3. Hello, Is it possible to have special date snippet other than default? By default if I put {date}, I will get "27 Jan 2015", but what if I want is "yyyy_mm_dd" so basically current date in this way "2015_01_27"??? Or is it possible to create workflow to make new folder with current date using same naming style on Finder? Thanks!
  4. Superb! Thank you Tyler. I had duplicate folders on my list for some reason, but replacing old workflow with yours fixed instantly. I love it!
  5. I got my new iMac and having same issue. I can't remove folders from my list.
  6. I like it works great! Thank you!
  7. This is way too cool and useful! Thank you David!
  8. Is there some way to call favorite folder list (user defined) using Alfred? For example if I have 5 folders I constantly jumping around and I would like to call them and browse those folders inside Alfred. Also that list should be able to modify if user want to list different folders as favorite. Favorites (shortcut) 1. Folder A 2. Folder B 3. Folder C 4. Folder D 5. Folder E It's like Finder sidebar, but inside Alfred! Possible?
  9. I think you have to call docs using Alfred before it sees. Open some file using Alfred Open and then try again. I was referring that with my last post.
  10. This is very cool! Thank you. Does it only list things that I have accessed via Alfred? Is there any way to access all documents I've opened/modified using OSX generally like Smart Folder can list?
  11. Would be great to have access most recent (opened/modified) documents using Alfred with user settings like filters and conditions like exclude *.txt and such.
  12. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to list most recent Files some how too???
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