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  1. Thank you for letting me know that. So I tried to do the same in Safe Mode, and interestingly it worked, but only in Safe Mode. Then I thought that some app could conflict with the sleep command, so I killed apps that reside in the menu bar one by one, but the sleep command still shows the same behavior. So I'm wondering what is causing this.
  2. I use two macs: a 2019 Intel iMac, and a 2020 Macbook Air M1, both runninng on Big Sur 11.6. When I use the "Sleep" command (Alfred system command), it works without any problem on my intel iMac, but on my Air M1, when I type Sleep and enter, it doesn't sleep. But if I type Sleep and click (with a trackpad) the highlighted "Sleep" command in the Alfred Bar, it works. So, do you have any idea on this weird behavior?
  3. Hi, thank you for welcoming me. I don't think it is necessary either, but when I implement some workflows with a shortcut, I see Alfred pops up with a different icon, and some of them look nice. So I thought it would be nice to be able to customize the icon.
  4. Hi, I'm a new Alfred user, and I'm really enjoying using it. By the way, while I'm using it, I thought it would be nice to have a feature allowing the user to customize the Alfred hat icon. I know that I can hide the hat icon, but having a different icon there can be fun (I'm not sure whether it has already suggested before, though.) So would you consider it?
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