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  1. Is there an alfred workflow to switch between spaces (mission control) If not is there any way I would be able to achieve this? I use command + tab but that doesn't always work for what I need I also app switch with alfred and that switches spaces but sometimes I just want a new empty space or to switch to a specific space quickly.
  2. With brave when tab search is used and the tab is on a space that is currently not selected it will not bring you to that space.
  3. I have a workflow that opens my regularly used finder windows: "hotkey + launch files." It opens 8 finder windows. The problem is that it opens 8 individual finder windows. This means I have to combine them into 2 separate finder windows with 4 tabs each. Is there a way to have Alfred open these finder windows as the 2 windows with 4 tabs?
  4. And what do I do to start the download process again? Will it remember the artwork downloaded already and just download new artwork? And will I need to tell it to download artwork as I add more songs to my playlists? Thanks!
  5. Alfred Spotify Mini Player workflow has been stuck on 19310/35490 artwork downloaded for about a week. I believe I started the download and left my house a few hours later, disconnecting from the internet. I am sure that this is what caused the issue but I don't see a way to resolve it. Is there a way to reinitiate the download of artwork or should I reinstall the workflow?
  6. Is there a way in Alfred to add a search prefix that will allow me to search external drives? I have 7 external drives and I do not want them spinning up all the time so I'm trying to find a workflow or setting that would enable me to search these drives when I choose to. It would be nice to have a prefix for all external drives and a prefix for a select external drives to speed up searching. Does anyone know if this exists? Again, I do not want my regular use of Alfred to search these drives, that would slow Alfred down significantly.
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