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  1. Sorry for the dumb question, where do i see my public folder ID number?
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    Unfortunately there is still no mail.app support for me. In fact, only a few applications are: http://bit.ly/11xYhlW Anyway, Thanks for the explanation on how to add new applications but I can't figure out how and where, workflow script appears in a single command that not matches what you've explained (or I misunderstood).
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    I must admit this is one of the most useful workflows, however, I would like to know if and how you can add more applications to the list, as mail.app and more importantly: iSkysoft iTube Studio. Thanks.
  4. Nice! Yes, more or less it's what i was looking for, except if it's possible to do it on some filed at the same time, that would make this workflow perfect
  5. I'm sorry but i'm must be missing something cause i don't understand how the workflow works without a hotkey/keyword. What do you mean by "action it"? how?
  6. I didn't mean do see them in alfred results but on finder himself, I will explain: *If I see a file(s) that i want to hide I can mark them and hit an alfred keyword (or even a hotkey) to make them hidden. *If I want to unhide a hidden file (than i know his there) I can: 1st - hit an alfred keyword to show all files (I am using one of those) 2nd - mark the file(s) I want to be visible again and use the nohidden command (with different keyword/hotkey) that I want to be in the workflow. I hope I made myself more clear
  7. It's not a problem if you have another workflow that toggles the visibility of files, there are several of these. If you want i can upload the one i'm using (cause i can't remember where I found it) I hope I'm not asking too much, but since I have no experience in creating workflows nor scrips, there is a chances are you help me with this? I think you should also add the nohidden command to the workflow, This is how it will be perfect toggle.
  8. These commands are to hide/unhide files, and not to show hidden files: In fact it is quite simple to hide a file, but for me personally it's not comfortable to enter each time the terminal and I would prefer an alfred workflow.
  9. I know that. There are some commands that can do that, but what i wanted is to avoid the scary terminal.
  10. Not sure if an extension already exists for Alfred to do this, if it does please let me know. I'd love to be able to mark one or more files, type "hide" and make them invisible in the finder.
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