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  1. Im currently trying my first workflow. The first crucial step seems to be to make sure the returning xml format is right (looking at the workflow.php). What is the best way to verify the curl command return the correct xml? EDIT: Would the best approach be to upload workflows.php and a search.php to a website for easier debugging of xml file?
  2. Let me try to create an example. Here you have 2 html fields. I want to create a workflow that input value in both. Here is a test-workflow, with a "tab" between "Field 1" and "Field 2" http://d.pr/i/U3mB However it looks like this when used. http://d.pr/i/B172 Hope this makes sense.
  3. And by using the tab key in the paste field, you can get Alfred to jump between two input text field in a html page? I cant seem to get that working. If I use the workflow in a pure text field like this, I can see the tab in the text, but it doesnt read as a tab (special key) so it wont jump fields.
  4. David, That is what I tried, but still dont work in websites.
  5. Im looking for simple Text Expander functionality. Say I want to quickly fill out a address form on a webpage. I would focus the cursor in the first field, active Alfred, and Alfred would paste my name first, Tab to get to another field, paste test into that and so on. Tab works in Textmate but doesn't jump between html fields in a webpage.
  6. Hi Just wondering if it will be possible to extend the use of "Copy to Clipboard" (Paste to front most app) to feature special keys like Return, Tab and such, and thereby making Alfred an awesome Text Expander? I have seem some workflows with scripts doing this, but would be nice build in. http://d.pr/i/vPrW
  7. Seem to be a bug, when I choose poster. im unable to close the window and must force quit. http://d.pr/i/e1FU
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