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  1. I use AppleScript to send the {query} to GoldenDict's search box. Simply use "Run NSAppleScript" and connect it to a keyword/shortcut trigger. Here is the code: on alfred_script(SelectedText) tell application id "org.goldendict" activate end tell tell application "System Events" tell process "GoldenDict" repeat until window 1 exists end repeat set value of text field 1 of window 1 to SelectedText set (text field 1 of window 1)'s focused to true end tell key code 36 end tell end alfred_script
  2. Thanks! I think your applescript works with TextEdit, but is there any way I can make it work in Evernote?
  3. Hi all. I am thinking about using Alfred workflows to create shortcuts for Evernote. What I want to achieve is: Select a text > press a shortcut ( say, control + b ) > change the selection to a preset format ( say, red & bold ) Is it possible to set up? Any suggestions?
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