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    scottisloud got a reaction from Weaselboy in Ugly Blue/Green theme [download]   
    Hi Chaps,
    I have a strange orange background. I have an equally strange blue-green Alfred theme. The colours are supposed to contrast nicely, according to some algorithm on some website somewhere. The algorithm in my brain agrees. 
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    scottisloud reacted to jdfwarrior in Ugly Blue/Green theme [download]   
    +5 awesome points for the description alone
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    scottisloud got a reaction from CarlosNZ in [Feature request] Workflow, hotkey trigger filtering   
    I suspect you could write your own script to do this such that a script would query NSWorkspace and depending on the results be executed or not.
    Alternatively, if you have application specific hotkeys, these could likely be set up using OS X could they not? In particular, I am thinking of System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts. 
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    scottisloud reacted to franzheidl in [Feature Request] Paste Stack   
    Are you aware of Alfred's Clipboard History? You just need to enable it under Features/Clipboard/History as it's disabled by default.
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