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  1. I would like a workflow that would remove all spaces, dots and hyphens from a string, leaving just the normal characters (letters and numbers). The string input would be whatever is already in the clipboard, and the output (resulting string) would also go to the clipboard (like the Case Converter workflow does). Has anyone created such workflow? Or how could I create it? Thanks
  2. I'm sorry to disapoint you, I don't know how to create a workflow. But I've just had this idea for a workflow: Turn this website's functionality's into a workflow, giving color shades inline for a color given in hex code.
  3. Awesome! It would be better if it would show the rating (perhaps even including other websites ratings, such as rotten tomatoes) Actually, it would be just perfect if we could customize what appears. Since I'm a movie fanatic I would love to query something like "Skyfall" and have the following: Skyfall (2012) - 7,8 / 92% / 86% (name, year, imdb rating, rotten tomatoes critics, audience) Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem / Sam Mendes / Neal Purvis / Roger Deakins / Thomas Newman (cast, direction, script, photography, music) And, even better, type a person, "Scorsese" for example, and have a list of his movies below, instead of a list of people.
  4. One more thing: accentuated caracters (like "á", "ó", "ã" , "ç") don't get converted at all. The bastards stay the same. Is there a fix for that?
  5. How do I make the text, after converted, be automatically pasted on where the cursor is (without the need of pressing Cmd+V)? Thanks
  6. I'm always enabling/disabling Chrome extensions to save RAM, to only use the ram I need. Right now I use an extension for this task called "One Click Extensions Manager", which is ok. But it could be much more than ok if I could type a key like "enable" or whatever and Alfred would list all disabled extensions, and I could just select what to activate and press Enter. And vice-versa, of course. Thanks!
  7. Matt Cutts is the head of Google webspam team and has been posting hundreds of videos on SEO the last few years. I don't know if they have plans to maintain an API, but I think you guys should keep an eye on this app, if they release an api then, it would be an amazing integration with Alfred. Thanks for checking it out.
  8. No, I would like especifically Workflowy inside Alfred. Workflowy is not exaclty a note taking app, it's an app for making lists and to-dos. A general list app woulnd't be enough either (I think Alfred already has one), it would have to be Workflowy inside Alfred. You should check it (https://workflowy.com/) to understand what I'm saying. Workflowy is different, it's has a new functionality, you zoom in and out from lists, like a mind map. Workflowy is the next big thing on to-do apps. It is a recent app, but has a growing and faithful fan base, including guys like Matt Cutts. Both Wired and Lifehacker consider it the best to-do list app.
  9. MY DREAM FEATURE WITH ALFRED I don't know if you guys have seen this app called Workflowy, it's the most awesome list manager ever. It's a whole new concept that has become essential to my life. Let's say it's something as awesome as Alfred, so you can have a clear picture. My dream feature is to have my Workflowy list "inside" Aldred, like you have the iTunes mini player inside it. In a way I could simply use a keyword and search my Workflow list, add new items, and bookmark/access bookmarked lists. If you fall in love with Workflowy as much as I did, please consider this!
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