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  1. Hi Carlos, I’d like to change the format of the timestamp in the append note function, but I know that editing en_append.scpt will mess up the workflow entirely. How can I make this happen? For what it’s worth, I don’t want the timestamp to put the entire date, just the time in HH:MM format.
  2. Hello, while "km" will show me keyboard maestro results, "kc" will only display menu results. How can I get "kc" to display keyboard maestro results as well?
  3. Big kudos, thank you for this!
  4. Ah ok, just wanted to make sure I understood. Thank you!
  5. I apologize Carlos, I think I'm having trouble following. So how can I make it so that appended text doesn't look like this: ---- Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 12:04:55 PM ---- :text text text To get the above I type `enn text text text` press opt-enter, type the name of the note to append to, and press enter. Is there a way to do this so that the colon isn't there?
  6. Hmm, so is there a way to suppress the colon when I'm appending to an existing note, since there's no title parameter needed?
  7. Hi Carlos, Thanks for this! The bug I was referring to is definitely fixed, but now there's a ":" preceding any note I choose to append. I'm assuming this has something to do with the new Title syntax?
  8. Hi Carlos, It appears that the append to note feature doesn't work with notes that have images in them? When I do this the notification center popup just says "Evernote" and the note itself isn't updated. Works fine with text notes.
  9. I feel silly posting about this, but FYI I had to remove the chrome option for this to work (if I try running the applescript in my editor I get "Expected end of line, etc., but found "front"" error for the line "execute front window's active tab javascript theScript") Thank you for this. I <3 it.
  10. Very cool! I don't suppose there's a way to have it auto-suggest tags as I type?
  11. Hi @ctwise, is there a way to have this show items in the Services menu as well?
  12. Benzi, sorry to badger, but is there a way for me to modify this to *only* show options from the Services menu? I think that this could potentially be quite useful to people (and it's one of the Launchbar features that Alfred lacks). No worries if you're too busy, but if you point me in the right direction I can *try* to make this work myself.
  13. It looks like the Omni action will only export whatever project/top level heading I have my cursor on - can I export the entire doc as OPML?
  14. This is fantastic. I wonder if it's possible to make a similar File Action wherein you select a Service to act on whatever object you want to act on?
  15. Hello, I wish I could give more information on how to reproduce this, but I'm honestly not sure as it seems to happen fairly randomly. Once it happens, Alfred becomes very unresponsive, and if I activate it, type a command, and press enter, it just creates a new line in the Alfred field instead of executing the action. Generally I have to go to Activity Monitor and force quit, after which it seems to return to normal. Is this a known issue? I'll keep an eye out for steps to reproduce.
  16. hello, trying to figure out how to replicate the behavior in Alfred 1 in which alfred would auto-populate with selected text and then place the cursor on the left o fthe argument so I could add a keyword. Not sure if this is possible? If it isn't, I'd love to see it added back.
  17. Hello, This contains two actions: "Message" should be set to a contact action for the Phone field. It'll remove symbols and then open it in the Messages app. The second one I set to the Name field (which you get by arrow up once you view a contact in Alfred), since I didn't like tabbing down to Phone all the time. This will take the name of the contact, get her/his phone number, and open that in Messages. Hope this is helpful! http://cl.ly/171O3x1o0H1p
  18. Here's a quick workflow that uses Omnifocus' built-in parsing syntax (the kind that is used for Omnifocus Mail Rules: @ for context, > for project, # for start or end time). You can edit the applescript to add whatever context or project specific stuff you want. Hope this is useful! http://cl.ly/3q2n2S0s410N Update: From bnmnetp's suggestion, I added Subtext that summarizes the syntax. I also added two others for oft-used contexts (Waiting and Assignments), but you can delete or edit those at will. http://cl.ly/3D291e0e3v2o
  19. Hi all, I cobbled together this File Action which uses GUI scripting to add an Alfred file to Path Finder's Drop Stack. Seems to work with multiple files too! I don't plan on adding much to do this, but thought it might be worth sharing. http://cl.ly/2T3X0F0y260t Enjoy! Teddy
  20. Very cool! I wonder if this script can be leveraged to do something like share the title/album of my current track on twitter/facebook. What do you think?
  21. Never mind, these sure are easy to make!
  22. Hi Vero, is this workflow available to download?
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