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  1. Unless my memory is seriously failing me, it used to be the case that I could open Alfred, launch something and immediately open Alfred again to launch (or do) something else, i.e, it worked asynchronously. These days, it seems that Alfred waits for the item to "finish" launching and in the case of something like a workflow that opens xcode to a particular project, it can take up to 10 seconds before Alfred becomes responsive again. Is this a known issue? It's very frustrating
  2. Yes, I understand that, but when there's a hundred different versions of your application around, it's very hard to find the right one easily particularly because Alfred doesn't allow a selection to be made from multiple substrings. I guess I'm arguing that it ought to be possible (perhaps as an option) to allow the search order to make a difference.
  3. As a developer, I have applications all over the place. Some come and go rather quickly (as they get cleaned and/or rebuilt) and they are not normally stored in the Applications folder. However, the last "official" version may be there. The Search Scope in Default Results doesn't seem to have any way of rearranging the order in which folders are searched for applications. Is there any way to fix this? Yes, I know I can create a workflow but that becomes problematic when there are multiple versions of an application in different places. Thanks
  4. So for example (below) and note that it says the event created --- however nothing is displayed in the Post Notification and more importantly, the item is not added into the calendar [17:53:09.612] Add Calendar Event[Script Filter] <?xml version="1.0"?><items><item uid="addcalendarevent" arg="claude at 7pm" ><title>claude</title><subtitle>Date: 25/2/2020 - 19:00 Location:""</subtitle><icon>icon.png</icon></item><item uid="alarmat event time" arg="" valid="no" ><title>Alarm 1</title><subtitle>at ev
  5. I'm trying to dump Fantastical so looking for a workflow to use with Apple Calendar. I came across "Add Calednar Event" (https://www.packal.org/workflow/add-calendar-event) and installed it but it didn't work. So I took at look at the workflow and it's leveraging various Applescripts. That's fine and I note that those Applescripts came with the package. However, it's clear that the problem is that the workflow doesn't know where those applescripts are located. As an experiment, I modified the workflow to put the explicit path to mainnew.scpt and got a little further (it opened the calendar) bu
  6. Me too -- I was using the Fantastical workflow for years but now that they've gone to subscription model, I am willing to switch back to Apple Calendar as I discovered it also supports natural language entry. So workflow for Apple Calendar that accepts natural language would be really appreciated
  7. Thanks - in my case, there was no upgrade so I didn't think that applied - it was a brand new machine that came with Catalina. Nevertheless, removing the permissions and adding them again worked.
  8. I'm having exactly the same problem having just moved to Catalina. Selecting a snippet using a hotkey used to actually paste the snippet into the application but now it only seems to copy it to the clipboard so I have to separately do Cmd-V to paste the snippet. Same issue with Cmd-Option-C to get something from clipboard history. This seems to now only copy the item from clipboard history into the main clipboard and I have to use Cmd_V to actually paste into my applications. Alfred 4 is defined in the Accessibility list and I have restarted Alfred after doi
  9. See image -- as I said, it's just a keyword that triggers a terminal command, the content of which is a single line to run a Python script. These are all working fine on most of my Macs but on one of them, they ALL just stopped working. I did a test by creating a new workflow that triggers a python file called foo.py (what else) that just prints "Hello, world" and Alfred hangs when I try to run it. In the many years since I've been using Alfred, I've never seen this happen before. Opening a terminal window and running that script (or any of them) from the terminal command line works just fine.
  10. I have a number of workflows of the form [Keyword] ->[Terminal Command], the latter containing the path to a python script. These are all supposed to open with iTerm. Out of the blue, instead of that happening, Alfred3 just hangs and I have to kill the process. Any idea what might have changed?
  11. I was using a terminal command before. I figured it would be nicer if I didn't have to do that. Guess I'll just go back to doing that. Thanks
  12. I would like to be able to run a script that invokes git, clang, other programs and have the output be visible WHILE that script is running so that I can see progress. Any way to do that from Alfred? The Post Notification seems to just show me the first line of the entire output and it doesn't even do that until the script has completed.
  13. Yes, spotlight shows them all. I deleted the File Type entry in the Basic Setup for the File Filter and then dropped one of the Powerpoint files on it again. Now it works fine again. This begs the question as to why it broke
  14. I've been using the File Filter extensively in workflows --- VERY convenient. However, I just noticed that on one of my laptops, a workflow is only returning three items from a folder instead of all the matching items. This is new behavior. The only thing that has changed on that particular laptop is that I installed the El Capitan beta on it about a week ago and this issue (I think!) started just after it. Any ideas?
  15. That's an excellent idea. Thanks again for the script, it's much appreciated.
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