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  1. Not until OF3 ships. I poked around in the SQL and the tag data isn’t being synced to OF2 even though it’s obviously there in the cloud. Until we can read the SQL there’s no way to tell what to look for.
  2. Well it can be done with Fake’s Applescript but it’s bc it’s doing the injection under the hood...but I agree that API is probably best.
  3. Fake.app is the easiest way to do stuff like this - but it may be overkill for your needs, if you don’t want to run the task in a separate browser.
  4. Is there any easy way to capture the subtitle and/or title from a keyword or script filter object for later use? Before I go poking around in code to save them as separate variables....
  5. Just add the tag alfred:ignore to the file or folder - works for me anyway.
  6. This may work for you, or at least provide an example to modify:
  7. If you already have a csv you can try this script: https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets
  8. I made a few fixes to your code but it's still not working for me either: import json, os, subprocess, sys cmd = ['./tag', '-r', '\*'] + json.loads(os.getenv('filesList')) subprocess.call(cmd) That fixed an error caused by a missing ] and puts all the arguments as separate list items, both of which I think are necessary, but it doesn't work.... Confirmed that it works on the command line. @deanishe any ideas?
  9. Yes you can use a list filter: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/list-filter/
  10. I don't have one but it's built into the command line tool I used https://github.com/jdberry/tag/blob/master/README.md Should be easy to put together - is that enough to get you started?
  11. I am using Alfred File Actions to move files from one folder to many others in Finder, using the Move To.... file action. When I move a file, the Finder window clears the selection and if I hit the up or down arrow, it brings me to the top of the folder rather than the location relative to the file I just moved. I then need to scroll or arrow down, or use the mouse. This really interrupts the keyboard-based workflow. Instead, after moving a file with Move To..., could Alfred automatically refocus on the next file in the folder? This would allow rapid and uninterrupted keyboard-based triage. thanks
  12. Ok I solved this only two minutes after posting. You just need to uncheck the paste option in Copy to Clipboard, then pipe the output onward to a Dispatch Key Combo ⌘V .
  13. I recently migrated nearly all my snippets from TextExpander to Alfred. These include many which call AppleScripts -- in Alfred these had to be recreated as workflows with snippet triggers. The problem is that I used to use many of these snippets to generate text for use in Alfred, i.e. I'd call up Alfred, type the snippet to run the script into Alfred's window, and then run a workflow on the resulting text. When I do this with an Alfred snippet trigger, however, rather than putting its output into Alfred's window, it pastes it to the underlying app. This is consistent with the behaviour for a Copy to Clipboard action with the paste button checked, but it's not appropriate for a snippet trigger. So it's not really a bug - but it is a significant inconsistency in the behaviour of Alfred's snippets vs. Alfred's snippet triggers, and one that makes it a lot less feasible to migrate from TE. Maybe what is needed is an Allow pasting to Alfred? option in the Copy to Clipboard object?
  14. I bet if you open the enclosing snippet collection you'll find you have an affix "asana" and a suffix "add" -- those are there in case you want all snippets in the collection to begin or end with the same characters.
  15. What it says presumably - images for Alfred remote. Are you really that strapped for bandwidth and disk space that this is an issue?
  16. Icons, python libraries, etc. Lots of workflows use additional resources.
  17. I no longer have a pro (=scriptable) license for OO but their scripting support is quite robust, both Applescript and JXA.
  18. I have added a keyword to do this in Finder scripts - basically it activates Finder then calls the keystroke for iCloud Drive
  19. I have only ever used Selection in OS X to capture text....I would do this with a File Action (even though it's an extra step....) But you can do it the way you want by leaving Argument as None, then connecting it to a script action (osascript/AS) with the following AppleScript tell application "Finder" set sel to selection if sel is not {} then set filepath to item 1 of sel as text --> The path to the one selected item. open filepath using application file id "com.apple.TextEdit" -- bundle identifier of the designated application end if end tell
  20. What are you using to open it? Using a native Alfred file action doesn’t copy the file name to the clipboard.
  21. Since moving my snippets from TextExpander to Alfred, I have added a lot of snippet triggers to my workflows. However, using the snip keyword and/or the snippet viewer, the only results shown are snippets, not snippet triggers. Could we have the option to include snippet triggers in these results as well?
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