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  1. http://ocrkit.com/help/ I don’t know about how it’s performance compares but I’ve had very few issues with quality.
  2. This is built into the latest version of the workflow as a script filter - see the top post.
  3. Yeah free OCR in my experience has always been a source of frustration in the end. Since I gave in and bought OCRKit a couple years ago I've been using OCR much more, with very few issues. It has a CLI and decent AppleScript support, & thus integrates quite easily with Alfred.... All of which is to say investing in free OCR is probably not the best approach.
  4. Unfortunately these all depend on various services that were provided by the Sherlock app itself. But I'd bet that all of them can be replaced by existing Alfred workflows or custom searches.
  5. Let me try to get in touch with the author ...
  6. Updated the description and the link in the top post above.
  7. if you use BibDesk this is your best bet which works much better than the later one by smargh , which has more features but is unusably slow with my master .bib with 6500 entries or so. otherwise you’ll need to include a library and parse the bibtex yourself in your language of choice
  8. see this post and the code therein
  9. I regularly use an iPad as a second monitor for my Mac (with Duet). I'd love to have Alfred Remote floating above it in Slide Over.
  10. Any updates or further thoughts on this? There are a couple of newish iOS apps that have some similar functionality but easier (if not necessarily prettier) UI Quadro: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quadro/id981457542?mt=8 1600+ icons included Keymand: http://keymandtech.com
  11. if it’s just a single script and single word queries it’s relatively easy - e.g. set x to word 1 of “{query}” set y to word 2 of “{query}”
  12. Use a Launch Apps / Files workflow action. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/actions/launch-apps-files/
  13. Does this use the serial port? I never revisited my workflow after the driver broke in El Cap but it would be nice to get this going again someday. Seems feasible to fix SerialPort X for Sierra & later: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=517670.0
  14. hmmm....not familiar with node but that makes sense. In my use case there’s one or two new files per day.
  15. I use Hazel to automatically add the alfred:ignore tag where needed (e.g. backup volumes). A Hazel rule to add the tag to any folder named node_modules & its contents should be trivial to set up.
  16. Also to go back https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets?files=1
  17. Something's gotta be messed up on their end. The URL above still works fine for my on Safari for iPad, where I tested it earlier. But Safari for Mac produces the error message above. Same with Firefox for Mac. I can even be viewing results on the iPad then use Handoff to open the same page on the Mac & get the error. Strangely, you can enable the Developer menu then click Develop > User Agent > Safari - iOS 11.0 - iPad and it will work. Bizarre. I'd email the site admin b/c I doubt they intentionally want the site to work only with Safari for iP
  18. Seems to be working for me - maybe there was a temporary server outage?
  19. For variables, check out this pinned post: For the output format see https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/
  20. I've run into a hitch. I want to use this to search a list of categories, then again within the same workflow to search elements within a category. But the second run is always displaying the cached results of the first. I tried duplicating the script and running each separately but it seems to still use the same session_id and hence display the cached results instead of the results of the second run. Any quick & easy ways to reset the session ID? I suppose I could duplicate it & change the os.getpid() to something else. UPDATE: I ungraciously a
  21. Thanks again for this. In case others need this info -- you can keep the fuzzy searching without sorting the results by deleting (or commenting out) the line items.sort(reverse=True)
  22. Could we get native support for querying a SQLite database? It seems this is already being done in a lot of workflows (e.g. with Zotero, Mail, Ulysses) and/or is needed for updates (Notes). I am faced with the prospect of reverse-engineering one of these to try to write a workflow that would query a MaxQDA coding scheme. But the use of SQLite seems so widespread it might be helpful to include it natively in Alfred. Or if not in Alfred itself, in one of the workflow libraries (my vote is for python since @deanishe has probably done 90% of the work required already....).
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