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  1. Yeah he had written his own export template scheme for Skim even though there’s a native one that can be implemented in a few lines of AppleScript... Basically you should just need to pipe into the CSL library and let it do its thing. Once you get it to that point post a draft & I can look at it.
  2. If you're going to start over, refactor, clean up, etc., I'd suggest the following: Search for entries (by title, author, tag, all fields) Open entries in Zotero open the attachment(s) for an entry select a CSL file for export format - see http://citationstyles.org output a single citation in the selected format's in-text style ( see http://docs.citationstyles.org/en/stable/primer.html ) output a single citation in the selected format's note style (ditto) same for selected entries in Zotero and/or contents of a group in Zotero The advantage to usin
  3. I find it much more useful to have domain/keyword specific collections as in this use scenario - there’s a lot of stuff I don’t want mixed together in snippets but still want quick access to.
  4. You are welcome to write a Java library -- Alfred can use any language on the system. All the libraries for building workflows are user-created -- I imagine if there were demand for Java, someone would have written one.
  5. Use a list filter https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/list-filter/
  6. I just figured out that these themes (or the green one at least) don’t allow the user to move the alfred window - where is the setting that toggles this? or could you provide versions that allow it?
  7. seriously, doesn’t karabiner eat up more time in the customizing than it saves? thoroughly puzzled by all this...
  8. Should be fixed now - casualty of dropbox share policy changes
  9. Glad to see you've made the connection. For all people complain about his unmaintained workflows, Stephen did a lot of great work on automation.
  10. Why wouldn’t you just use a file filter set to that directory?
  11. Wow that's eight different variations on the same solution! Thanks guys....I'm sure the time we have committed to this far outweighs the savings for file vs. array vs. json, python vs. bash, etc.
  12. I'd bet that Alfred dumping to a file is faster than starting python and loading two modules....
  13. haha yes I figured you would spot a way to improve my python - thanks!
  14. Well here's what I came up with: File Action (unchanged) write the file list to a text file (files.txt) List of Actions (unchanged) then Run Script: #!/usr/bin/python import sys import subprocess theFiles = open('files.txt', 'r').readlines() for aFile in theFiles: args = ['/opt/local/bin/tag', '-a', sys.argv[1], aFile.replace('\n','')] p = subprocess.call(args) In theory, writing to a file might slow things down a tiny bit, but this is a solution that I will be able to come back to in a year and immediately understand again.
  15. "if you put the File Filter output into a variable, you end up with a single, TAB-separated string, just like if you try to set a workflow variable to an array" -- did not know that...which shows how few workflows I've actually worked up since Alfred 3 came out.... I agree, the code is not pretty, but it is working for me at the moment with spaces in my tags & filenames. Maybe we need a feature request for Alfred to produce a JSON array rather than a tab-delimited list.
  16. spoke too soon...running into the usual pitfalls with escaping spaces in tags and filenames....
  17. Thanks Yes, that worked well -- rather than use the multiple pathways in your example, I used a single pipeline: file action (as original) -> Arg and Vars to set filesList (as original) -> list filter that passes the desired tag as arg -> Arg and Vars object to concatenate {query} {var:filesList} -> run bash script /opt/local/bin/tag -a $1 My OCD wants a native version but this works fine.
  18. I recently wanted to create a file action that would then display a list of tags and allow me to select one to tag the selected file. I was hoping to model it on the Move To... , Open With... , Copy To.... actions that are built into Alfred, but with my list of tags as the options. But I realized this isn't possible. The same functionality has been requested in some other recent threads: Basically the structure be File action (with selected file) -> embedded List Filter (displayed in Alfred file actions pane, to get second parameter) -&g
  19. Back to the discussion of why people use Pinboard....because del.icio.us went yahoo and mag.nol.ia had an irrecoverable data loss.... I started using delicious about 12 years ago when I wanted a way to sync my bookmarks in Opera for win xp with my new iMac. Switched to Pinboard a couple years later and never looked back. Even though I’ve been off Windows since 2006 or so I’d never consider leaving now, mostly because of the tag-based organization - vastly preferable to folders for reference materials.
  20. Unfortunately there's no real Google Scholar API (there are a few homemade attempts on GitHub but they rely on scraping the web page results and break easily) so there's no immediate way to get results in a form Alfred can parse and display. But if you just want to launch a search the basic custom search is just http://scholar.google.com/scholar?q={query} In practice, the results are good enough that I use advanced search maybe once every six months (and I probably use Google Scholar at least a dozen times a day). If you want to go for advanced search you'
  21. Rather than split hairs over a few keystrokes, wouldn’t it be easier to just embed your content in PowerPoint or Keynote or whatever you use for your presentations so you don’t have to worry about switching apps when you’re presenting? I switch to show PDFs once in a great while (using Skim in its presentation mode) but I can’t imagine going to a Word document in front of an audience.... Incidentally I built this which you may find useful: http://www.packal.org/workflow/skim-remote
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