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  1. One thing I noticed, though, was that the authentication token I'd acquired earlier today no longer worked and I had to re-authenticate. Have you been able to consistently use the same token without repeat re-authentication?
  2. Just had a few minutes to tool around with this library - it's great. I was able to quickly write the basis for the cross-referencing script. Here's a working draft. import re import ulysses # authenticate 1st & add your token here token = "" ulysses.set_access_token(token) # test - enter test sheet ID here (and make sure it has some links or nothing will happen!) sheetID = "" # get source sheet's title and body, and search for links iItem = ulysses.get_item(sheetID) iBody = ulysses.read_sheet(sheetID,text=True).text # get the Ulysses links to cross-reference
  3. Very nice - thanks for all your work on this - my approach to a workflow like this is always to do just enough to get it working for my needs, so I am always impressed when someone covers every option so exhaustively. Re: uf, my thinking is to always let the OS do the work if you can. (again I'm lazy ) I am enjoying using that ul command -- I've cleaned up dozens of dead links from notes imported from NVAlt & it's so much faster that wading through the Ulysses UI. Still, I feel like a lot of this would be a lot easier if the Ulysses devs would implement
  4. Turns out the guy who wrote the Workflow workflow that I was looking also has a GitHub repo with a python version for the Mac: https://github.com/rovest/UlyssesReportAndMarkdown I haven't had a chance to check it out in detail.
  5. Ok I've got it working. Here's the code for the script filter, which also requires that you check "Alfred filters results" and replace the access token in the code: #!/usr/bin/python import json import os import urllib def my_generator(json_input): if isinstance(json_input, dict): for k, v in json_input.iteritems(): if k == 'title': ti = v.replace('"', '').replace(',', '').replace(':','') elif k == 'identifier': arg = v elif k == 'type': subti = v else: for child_val in my_generator(v): yield child_val yield json.dumps({u'title': ti, u'arg':
  6. Well I got a version of ul working last night, but it requires manually loading all the sheet titles and URLs into a list filter. From a CSV that's generated by a workflow in Workflow for iOS. Working as a proof of concept . Since there seems to be no way to get a sheet identifier from the sheet file itself, it seems we would need to use Ulysses get-root-items callback URL, and parse the whole library. I began to pick apart & try to replicate what the Workflow workflow does (it came from here: https://workflow.is/workflows/84934276b51643678643e1aa326637bd , & I modified
  7. My initial thought would be Option key and copy the link to the clipboard . But using ul instead you could then have copying to clipboard as default behavior and paste at cursor location as a modifier (or vice versa).
  8. Let me see. I have On My Mac turned off in Ulysses > Preferences > Library . I just tried turning it on & it's definitely empty (there's just the empty Inbox). Interestingly I added a sheet to it, and the workflow doesn't find it....but it's still showing everything else as being in 'On My Mac' And if I use the ug command, and search for 'On My Mac' it shows my groups as expected whereas if I search for "iCloud" (where they are) I get no results. Odd, isn't it? It's not really a problem since the workflow works perfectly otherwise. I poked ar
  9. Is there any chance you could add a keyboard modifier to uf to copy the link to a sheet instead of opening the sheet? Ulysses lacks an easy way to create links between sheets (the one thing I miss from abandoning NVAlt....) and this would be a great way to fill that gap.
  10. Wow this is looking great. I was writing some AppleScript to clean up a bunch of Ulysses sheets (by adding BibDesk keywords as native Ulysses keywords rather than hashtags, now that Ulysses keywords are exposed through the new URL scheme update) and found myself thinking someone should write a nice tidy API for the URL scheme.... One quirk I've noticed with the Ulysses Alfred workflow -- even though i have "On My Mac" turned off in Ulysses prefs., and all my sheets are in iCloud, the subtitle for the workflow always shows the path as /On My Mac/correct path from here on out . Eve
  11. Big update to the URL scheme today: https://www.ulyssesapp.com/kb/x-callback-url/
  12. (this would be so much more pleasant if we could get human-readable names for the workflow directories....)
  13. Thanks That found update_settings in Search OmniFocus http://www.packal.org/workflow/search-omnifocus Date Calculator http://www.packal.org/workflow/date-calculator Ulysses http://www.packal.org/workflow/ulysses But none of mine (b/c I'm too lazy to set up updating ) But we should also be checking the library version for any of our own (and presumably any which the devs don't update too), correct?
  14. Is there any particular file or phrase we can search for to see if the update is necessary in any of our workflows?
  15. See also https://nathangrigg.com/2012/07/schedule-jobs-using-launchd
  16. This is not an automator workflow, it requires the Alfred power pack.
  17. Re #1 & 2 -- I've written a URL handler to allow creating a new Ulysses sheet that will subsequently be linked to a record in BibDesk -- the URL handler responds to ulbd:// and adds the newly created sheet to BibDesk -- but I've never changed it since (got it right the first time ) so I'm not sure whether updating would break anything. But...registering the URL handler is entirely done within the app bundle ( see http://www.macosautomation.com/applescript/linktrigger/index.html ) so I think if that app bundle was contained within the workflow directory and updated / replaced along with n
  18. Rob if you're adding to this actively I put up a draft for creating / appending from Alfred here: haven't had time to fully troubleshoot but maybe you want to run with it?
  19. I don't have InDesign to test but if you're passing from a File Action to AppleScript you need to begin the script like this: set myNameFile to POSIX file "{query}" See https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/MacAutomationScriptingGuide/ReferenceFilesandFolders.html
  20. I've reported it on the developer's GitHub repo for the workflow & he is going to give it a few days to see if it's a temporary outage, then start looking at alternatives. FWIW the book command is still working.
  21. The crossref.org API seems to be broken and with it this workflow.
  22. Here's a completely rewritten version (in Python) which combines the two workflows into one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6601556/Alfred/Case Converter 2.alfredworkflow It uses Alfred's built in Copy to Clipboard with automatic pasting to frontmost app instead of pbcopy in Bash and AppleScript pasting, which seems to give better results.
  23. I use the same script in Mail Act-On and it's working fine for me. Looks like a URL encoding problem from the error messages....is this happening with every message? Usually message:// URLs will have the full domain at the end e.g. @mail.gmail.com and the like but your example only has @AMX which would lead me to think there's something with that particular message that's breaking the script.
  24. Glad that is working for you. To be honest, I don't think I've used the keyword version in several years. You can also delete the two osascript lines in each of the bash scripts and just paste manually (that's actually how I use it). Or try a shorter delay.
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