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  1. You can use a show alfred workflow object for this
  2. looks like you need to rebuild launch services. those dyn utis are a sure sign.
  3. Did you transfer Alfred prefs from the old Mac? If not it’s working off Spotlight data from the new machine and I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple weights the native apps more heavily. I’d expect that after a few days of use Alfred should (re)learn your use patterns.
  4. I've been watching Brett's posts on this -- what advantage does this hold over using a Launch Apps/Files object in an Alfred workflow?
  5. Hmm I think I exported from the Alfred 4 beta....and I've deleted Alfred 3 and let Hazel work its magic on related files....might be tricky to get this back.
  6. This snippet will give you today's date: {date:EEEE, MMMM d, YYYY} You can use the native snippets feature for this, you don't need a workflow. The docs are a little lacking, though ( https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/dynamic-placeholders/#date-time ) - I had to dig around a bit in the incomprehensible Unicode docs to figure out how to get the day of the week (EEEE). Getting the next business day is trickier. It wouldn't be hard to get tomorrow except on Fridays, then get Monday, but if you want to take into account local holidays then you'
  7. Hmm it's working for me and I don't think I've ever changed anything directly - but there are a couple of workflow.old directories in there now. I think I must have updated it running fixum (https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fixum) at one point. Maybe try and see if that fixes it? Just uploaded a 1.3 to Packal but it's not showing up....
  8. When Alfred Remote launched, I think I was on iPhone 4 with a 4 x 5 grid on the phone itself....now I'm on a 7 Plus with a 4 x 7 grid. But Alfred remote still only has a 4x4 grid. iPad has 5x4 natively (and room for lots more). Could Alfred Remote allow for different grid sizes? Also
  9. Most of these questions depend on the automation capabilities of the other apps. Creating the directory trees is pretty straightforward - here’s an example of how I do it in a mixture of Applescript and bash script info, which I have hooked up to an Alfred workflow. https://github.com/derickfay/course-creator/blob/master/Generate directories.applescript Or another approach in Note that both of these rely on the bash command mkdir to do the actual directory creation.
  10. It only does the conversion if the json file doesn’t exist or if the modification date of the csv is newer. The files I use it with only have 80-100 entries but I haven’t noticed any performance issues when I have changed the csv.
  11. you could use the technique here and add a mechanism to update the csv
  12. You can just use command-comma . Doesn’t solve the underlying problem but it will get you to the destination.
  13. The answer to item 1 is probably, but the approach will depend on whether you want it to work everywhere in the system or just in a specific app. And whether you want to correct an entire document at it once or just act on selected text. Either way it will require some scripting and probably in a language other than AppleScript. The answer to item 2 is also probably. Some relevant forum posts: The biggest reason not to use Alfred for text expansion, I think, is that there's no iOS keyboard. I get around this by having Hazel monitor Alfred's snippet
  14. I’ve updated the title of the older thread since in reality a lot of the discussion is about the kind of things @chris suggests, at the app rather than workflow level.
  15. This would be a great help. Even if it’s just setting command-, to open the currently active workflow (if any) in prefs rather than the general prefs screen.
  16. you could try https://github.com/derickfay/te-to-alfredCSV and https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets
  17. You’re asking how to set up a specified keyword to launch a specified folder, right? That does require customisation, exactly as @vitordescribed.
  18. Yeah I don’t really see the point for the web view but the image results could be handy. But there would be a performance hit presumably rendering thumbnails on the fly...
  19. Also here's a version to handle just the selected notes in the note sidebar: https://gist.github.com/derickfay/c4fdf55ced9da54ebbf1418b6fabb8bb
  20. Thanks! Since I set this up, it's probably become my most used workflow....but I had actually forgotten about the rf command so I'm glad you got my attention to look at the docs again!
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