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  1. It’s working fine for me - can’t remember how I fixed it because it’s been a while.... I’d say make sure you have the latest version from the github repo than check if your issue is covered in the tracker: https://github.com/andrewning/alfred-workflows-scientific/issues If worst comes to worst I can send you a copy of my working version.
  2. And there’s been one here for the last three years that still works fine.
  3. For workflow objects which have a Title property it would be quite convenient to have the Note which displays under the object automatically set to the title, or at least have an option to do so. Even better would be if this could be retroactively applied to existing workflows.
  4. See https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets The script there requires some manual intervention but it should be easy to automate further if you need to,
  5. For OmniFocus 3: day: tell application "OmniFocus" set value of preference id "OFIColorPaletteIdentifier" to "default" end tell night: tell application "OmniFocus" set value of preference id "OFIColorPaletteIdentifier" to "builtin:20-Dark" end tell
  6. see https://talk.automators.fm/t/mojave-automation-apocalypse/1673 Sounds like there has been some progress since but overall it seems like sandboxing etc. are much more aggressive and intrusive.
  7. But...the original relies on a command line call that may generate an error (it does in High Sierra): set guiMode to do shell script "defaults read -g AppleInterfaceStyle" This is in a try command - if it works, the script knows the system is in dark mode -- if it throws an error, the script knows it's in light mode -- not the most graceful way to do it ...but I didn't write it and it's worked from Yosemite through High Sierra so far. It may be the case that Mojave is setting a value for that default (and hence not giving an error) whether in light or dark mode in which case
  8. This works for me with one change -- you have an extra end tell in the 2nd to last line -- if your tell command is all on one line as in the line tell application "Alfred 3" to set theme "Alfred macOS Dark" you don't use a separate end tell. But it turns off dark mode while setting Alfred to a dark theme so you may want to reconsider aesthetically You can use your script in its own workflow or edit the existing script in the workflow above to match -- I've modified my copy so much I don't remember exactly what the original script was.
  9. see You’ll need to update refs. in the Applescript from “Alfred 2“ to “Alfred 3”.
  10. Not until OF3 ships. I poked around in the SQL and the tag data isn’t being synced to OF2 even though it’s obviously there in the cloud. Until we can read the SQL there’s no way to tell what to look for.
  11. Well it can be done with Fake’s Applescript but it’s bc it’s doing the injection under the hood...but I agree that API is probably best.
  12. Fake.app is the easiest way to do stuff like this - but it may be overkill for your needs, if you don’t want to run the task in a separate browser.
  13. Is there any easy way to capture the subtitle and/or title from a keyword or script filter object for later use? Before I go poking around in code to save them as separate variables....
  14. Just add the tag alfred:ignore to the file or folder - works for me anyway.
  15. This may work for you, or at least provide an example to modify:
  16. If you already have a csv you can try this script: https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets
  17. I made a few fixes to your code but it's still not working for me either: import json, os, subprocess, sys cmd = ['./tag', '-r', '\*'] + json.loads(os.getenv('filesList')) subprocess.call(cmd) That fixed an error caused by a missing ] and puts all the arguments as separate list items, both of which I think are necessary, but it doesn't work.... Confirmed that it works on the command line. @deanishe any ideas?
  18. Yes you can use a list filter: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/list-filter/
  19. I don't have one but it's built into the command line tool I used https://github.com/jdberry/tag/blob/master/README.md Should be easy to put together - is that enough to get you started?
  20. I am using Alfred File Actions to move files from one folder to many others in Finder, using the Move To.... file action. When I move a file, the Finder window clears the selection and if I hit the up or down arrow, it brings me to the top of the folder rather than the location relative to the file I just moved. I then need to scroll or arrow down, or use the mouse. This really interrupts the keyboard-based workflow. Instead, after moving a file with Move To..., could Alfred automatically refocus on the next file in the folder? This would allow rapid and uninterrupte
  21. Ok I solved this only two minutes after posting. You just need to uncheck the paste option in Copy to Clipboard, then pipe the output onward to a Dispatch Key Combo ⌘V .
  22. I recently migrated nearly all my snippets from TextExpander to Alfred. These include many which call AppleScripts -- in Alfred these had to be recreated as workflows with snippet triggers. The problem is that I used to use many of these snippets to generate text for use in Alfred, i.e. I'd call up Alfred, type the snippet to run the script into Alfred's window, and then run a workflow on the resulting text. When I do this with an Alfred snippet trigger, however, rather than putting its output into Alfred's window, it pastes it to the underlying app. This is consiste
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