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  1. Thanks Smirky, is there a way to just act as autocomplete so for example y put "ls god is an" and it takes me to the god is an astronaut last.fm website?
  2. Would love to see this done, i'm always looking for information on bands on last.fm an it would make life a little easier.
  3. Love the Finder settings one, i use show hidden icons all the time. But i also use TotalFinder, and when it relaunches the Finder it doesn't open with it. Is there a way you could add a line to the workflow so it opens totalfinder after restarting the finder?
  4. Man, you absolutely ROCK. At your feet :/_
  5. Also, if you fix this can you make an option so it open totalfinder before finder? It bugs a lot when a script relaunchs alfred and you loose totalfinder
  6. This is so great, thanks for sharing!
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