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  1. I would really like to be able to switch between open applications and windows through search using Alfred. Kind of like https://contexts.co/.
  2. Thank you! Do you know if problem (2) (regarding search for the second name of a given name (or last name)) also will be solved before v2 comes out of beta?
  3. (1) I can't search or display middle names. (2) I can't search for any but the first "word" (name) within a given or last name. Ie: if a person's given name is "Mary Ann", then Alfred won't display "Mary Ann" if I search for "Ann". Searching for "Mary" http://d.pr/i/iHGm/1de65Won Searching for "Ann" http://d.pr/i/99I5/1DLlPkU3 I only use Google Account sync in Contacts.app in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2. I am using v2 b137 Is it me? Anyone else?
  4. When I've buffered a few files, it would be really helpful if I could drag-and-drop the selected files from the Alfred UI and into whatever application I would like. This would allow me to select a few files and quickly add them as attachements in Gmail in the browser. Benjamin
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