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  1. Thanks for this script, but it seems like it no longer works for the latest version of Kindle on Mac (1.26.1)... I imagine something may have changed in the last four years. If someone has an updated script, it would be much appreciated.
  2. Unfortunately, after using {clipboard}, I am just getting www.example.com/{clipboard}. I tried both checking and unchecking the box for "Use UTF8 encoding."
  3. I have a workflow that has the "Open URL" action to www.example.com/CLIPBOARDTEXT With a "hotkey" trigger input, I can set the argument to "macOS Clipboard Content," and then enter www.example.com/{query} for the URL. Now I want to do the same thing with a keyword input... but I don't see any way to do that. Is it possible to use the clipboard as an argument in the case of a keyword input? I want to do a keyword input instead of a hotkey because I have several workflows like this and it is too hard to remember the hot keys; keyword inputs are much easier because I can search for them using Alfred just like anything else.
  4. I'm trying to build a workflow for watching movies. I want to automatically set the volume to 100% and brightness on the main display to 0%. With the Volume Control workflow, I can use "vol 100" to set the volume. https://github.com/raulchen/alfred-volume-control And with Brightness, I can use "brightness 0" to set the display brightness. https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-brightness How can I send these commands within another workflow? I want to have a single workflow that sends both commands and does some other things. EDIT: Ok, I see I can call other workflows via Applescript if I add an external trigger to them. However, how do I send a new line character? For example, I tried to set the brightness to 0 by calling an AppleScript like this: tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "AlfredBrightness" in workflow "com.fniephaus.brightness" with argument "0" However, this brings Alfred up on screen, waiting for me to press enter to proceed. I also tried this: tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "AlfredBrightness" in workflow "com.fniephaus.brightness" with argument "0 " However, this simply puts the line break character in the Alfred search box instead of pressing Enter. How do I get it to press enter/send a new line character?
  5. I just upgraded to version 2 to check out the workflows. They are nice, but where is the option to set global hotkeys for programs that was in V1? I use this feature extensively and I absolutely need to have it.
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