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  1. oldflame

    Calm Dark

    Things I like: light text on a dark background easy to read font a little bit of transparency If you, too, like these things: http://d.pr/f/w1Wu Thanks for posting all your themes and workflows. Alfred wouldn't be half as amazing without them.
  2. Would anyone mind adapting this for Yummy FTP? As much as I would love to teach myself programming enough to do this on my own I really should not take the time right now.
  3. I rely on the wifi toggle more than anyone should ever have to, so thank you for saving me all those clicks.
  4. I love this idea because I always forget which folders I have set to hotkeys and just end up opening them in Alfred anyway. However, running into a problem: I can't remove folders from the favourites list. This was discovered when I added the same folder multiple times to the favourites list, which I could otherwise live with. Any chance of a solution? Thanks for all your posts!
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