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  1. It works well, part on "my" workflow available there http://goo.gl/s6d4O
  2. Updated with Screencast creation Download http://db.tt/eQfiIOHr'>here
  3. The option to show indicator is ticked since a long time I tried what you asked : I put a bunch of .doc and .rtf files on my desk, 13, and it works well ; I can scroll down through the list and so on. Then I tried again with my files and it's still don't work, I can't scroll at all.
  4. I used the sweep command. When I look directly into the DeskDrawer's folder, everything's here. I also tried to set a new location for the DD's folder but there's the same issue
  5. If I type their names, sorry. Here two screenshots of what I intend to hide and what pops within Alfred http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/54548021/Capture%20d’écran%202013-02-05%20à%2000.24.03.png http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/54548021/Capture%20d’écran%202013-02-05%20à%2000.25.15.png
  6. Also, that could be nice to add the multiple file selection support
  7. This is terrific ! Could you add something to copy the shortened link instead ?
  8. It's strange, I can't see all my files/folders within the Drawer except if I type their names
  9. Hello, I updated two small extentions from Alfred 1 created by Keir Thomas. This will allow you to create audio or movie using Quicktime. How to use it ? - Type : "makeaudio", "makemovie" or "makescreencast" - Hotkey : cmd+alt+m Download http://db.tt/eQfiIOHr'>here
  10. MrClaye

    Minimal v2.1

    My current theme now, thanks !
  11. This is AWEMAZING ! However there's something wrong with the "workflow manager" : it doesn't recognize all my workflows. I need to reinstall them with the manager for being able to see them in the Installed Workflows list.
  12. That's really good and could be even more better if you add feedback feature to see directly within Alfred "an already shortened URL"
  13. This is an awesome workflow, thanks ! However, I noticed a small bug : when you type a " . ", the workflow doesn't consider possible words after
  14. MrClaye

    Tiny theme

    Really nice theme, thanks !
  15. Oh yeah thanks that's great ! I'm a beginner in scripting Btw, indeed, It's a bug, I've the same issue here
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