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  1. 10 month bump ....but seriously, I never did work this one out.
  2. Thanks to Vítor suggesting debugging the workflow, we have success. Seems the workflow was referencing Alfred V2s app cache folder, which may have got removed during the update. Error: unable to open database "/Users/Jamie/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data/dk.aiyo.SendURL/appCache.db" The inelegant solution was initially to just nuke Alfred v3, reinstall and hope for the best, but ended up going through all the .sh files in the workflow directory and replacing 2 with 3. So yes, Vítor. You were right this time Still not sure the solution was 'easy' tho....but hey ho.
  3. Hello, Vero. I haven't got access to my Mac at the mo, but there is a pic of what I am seeing on the OP's GitHub page, as posted there to see if they could help. https://github.com/aiyodk/Alfred-Extensions/issues/16 Previously the list would populate with all relevant appa installed, like Safari, Chrome, Airmail, Notes etc. So something has broken. If your tweet is correct, and it is **very** easy to fix, hopefully someone can help.
  4. This seems to have stopped working, as only offers to send url to a fraction of the previous options. Any chance of a fix, please?
  5. Sorry if this is not the right place to ask, or if there even is a right place to ask, but would anyone be able to create a workflow to incorporate Google site search? The workflow I had on v2 has stopped working, and I cannot contact the original creator. I did approach @alfredapp on Twitter about possibly incorporating this functionality into Alfred, or whether they could help me with the workflow, but apparently no on both accounts. So if anyone has time or inclination to knock up a site search workflow, or be able to point me in the direction of one that is working still in v3, that would be amazing. For the record, the v2 workflow was this one... http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1207-alfred2-workflow-for-google-search-suggestion-instant-search-and-current-site-search/ ...and the functionality was this: Basically you'd put in the keyword and it would preview the search results as well as linking you to open the page search in your browser.
  6. Taking a punt, but does anyone know how I can get this working again in v3 beta? I use the site search feature all the time, but something seems to be broken now. Guess I will just put up a site search req. if no joy here
  7. This has been something I have hoped would come to Alfred ever since I started using it several years ago. Unless I have been a massive plonker, and missed it, this functionality still does not exist. Essentially when one scrolls through the clipboard viewer any links that are images would show a preview of said image. As one who deals with lots of image based urls, this would be very handy. Something a bit like this: ....if this could be carried on to preview links in the way say Twitter clients like Tweetbot does, then that would be even better. For example: This feature could be turned on and off via the settings, so those that do not want it can turn it off. Thanks for reading...and if it's not obvious, I am not a designer
  8. Ah, I thought you may have. Many thanks again for getting it working again. It's my most used extension!
  9. Works again. Excellent stuff, zhaowu. The only thing which seems odd, is the option to show search results in browser, has moved from its usual position at #1 to #3 in the list:
  10. Any chance to have the option to use this workflow with Path Finder?
  11. Funnily enough I could have really done with this last week! Excellent stuff, all the same. Cheers.
  12. Thanks for this, great work. ...if possible, it would be good to have an option to clear all history.
  13. Thanks for the script, Weaselboy. However, I managed to solve my problem in a similar fashion to you, by using the code from a V1 extension. Specifically, Daniel Kramer's Alfred V1 'open in chrome' extension. property theURL : “” tell application “Safari” set theURL to URL of current tab of window 1 end tell tell application “Google Chrome” if (count of windows) is 0 make new window else make new tab at end of tabs of front window end if delay 1 set URL of active tab of front window to theURL activate end tell If anyone wants to save themselves a couple of minutes, the workflow I cobbled together with the above code is here: http://d.pr/f/fVTW
  14. Hi, Unless Chrome is already opened, the workflow opens Chrome, but does not open the Safari url/active tab. Is this a problem with the workflow, or something on my end?
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