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  1. hey Andrew - thanks for quick response. actually it was still 2.0.2. an update on 2.0.3 resolved that. ... why Alfred didn´t auto-update as it was checkboxed for that, i don´t know... but problem now solved. thanks! keep up the good work! oliver
  2. ... hello same here - just that it applies also to apps directly in the applications folder. did reindexing, did re-set the applications folder within Alfred, did "reload"... all the apps are actually correctly listed within Spotlight. so no problem there...
  3. hello, just trying to convert from A1 to A2 and recreate some of the customization/plugins as workflow. guess some people do that :-} I have the problem that no name for the workflow shows up in the main bar, though I have assigned names and descriptions to the workflow. does anyone know what to do or share the experience? thanks for feedback/help!
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