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  1. Hi Geronest. have you given accessibility permissions to Alfred in system preferences? have a look to 'Solution in case of failures' in http://ricardosampayo.com/en/Audio-Switch-Alfred-WorkFlows/
  2. Hi, Since the problem is solved Mavericks. You can download it once again I hope it works. : D
  3. Could you please take the script filter code and run it on AppleScript Editor and post the error you're getting?
  4. Done, download the latest version . Also Alleyoop support was added.
  5. Audio Switch ================================================================================== Switch between your input sources and output devices. To install just download (or my github) and doble click the .alfredworkflow file.* To change your input source type input (it could take a little bit to load your sources), then select the one you desire The same for the output device, just type output then select your choice Since I don't have any audio device or source connected to my laptop only 1 (the default) device and source are shown.
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