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  1. Interesting — I assume that many of these Catalyst apps — iPadOS apps — wont have AppleScript support. I wonder if there is some other approach to the problem. Otherwise, perhaps the developer community can feedback to Apple about the limitations of their software approaches and make some requests. All I know is I want this stuff to work, and be controllable. Thanks!
  2. I really missing not having global hotkey commands for Podcast play/pause now that Podcasts are their own app away from iTunes. Please enable Podcasts.app Actions - so that I can play, pause, skip, etc. Thanks — James
  3. I love Alfred, and I invoke it all the time to use the Calculator function. Though, I find that the results often have a cramped visual read out, the kerning between the numbers is a bit tight and difficult to read, I think it could be better spaced out visually. Example: the "785" is very closely spaced and could breathe more, and thus be more easily readable. Actually, the Kerning across all results could probably increase, as it all does feel very tight. Maybe it could even be a user adjustable setting? Also, is there any chance Spotlight's currency conversions could make their way to Alfred too?
  4. I love the eject and eject all command, great for external hard drives, of which I have a more than a few. I wish I could "Re-Mount" a drive with alfred rather than go thought Disk Utility. I'm sure it's possible, can anyone help me out with this? Thanks —James
  5. I currently have a basic workflow connected to a Hotkey that opens a folder. A hotkey setting, connects to "Launch Apps / Files" This works as expected, however it opens folders in new Finder windows. I would like it to open the folder in the current finder window. Any one know how this could be done? Thanks —James This is what I have set up now, it works but it opens in NEW finder windows, I want it to open in the current finder window (if there is one open and active)
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