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  1. Found it. https://github.com/earthpyy/alfred-pastebin Input is not the selected text, but what's in the clipboard.
  2. Just installed v2.5 from https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/TimeZones-Alfred. I can see the times in 4 cities when `tz` is typed. But typing `tz 14:00` as shown in the documentation shows the default searches vs the time in the pre-defined time zones. Any idea?
  3. Hear hear! Alfred truly is an amazing product. I tried Raycast for a few months and came back to Alfred. Alfred just feels fast.
  4. Sure but in my case, I wanted to be able to type "zip" and hit return in the actions menu.
  5. You are right. The proper way would be running a bash script along the lines of ``` ditto -c -k --sequesterRsrc --keepParent "$@" "$(dirname "$1")/Archive.zip" ``` but I'd like the zip file's name to be the file/folder name if the input is a single file/folder and "Archive.zip" if the input has more than 1 item. Not sure how to code that part. In the meantime, I've installed the free Keka app and it does the job.
  6. @Stephen_C Turns out this is possible w/o using the Shortcuts app. Changed the settings of the built-in Archive Utility to output zip files and then used the "Open File" action of Alfred.
  7. You are right. I updated the Shortcut like this and now it works when invoked via a Quick Action in Finder: It does not still work via the Alfred workflow though.
  8. Have the same question. Did you find anything @Stooovie?
  9. Assuming you have Alfred's Powerpack, go to its preferences → Features → Setup fallback results. Here you can drag them around to reorder.
  10. Hi. I am trying to pass selected file(s)/folder(s) from Alfred's File Search to a custom Shortcut that uses the "Make Archive" action. Shortcut: Workflow: The expectation is that if I select say, a folder in Alfred's file search results and I bring up the action panel and select "Zip" it should generate a zip file having the same name as the folder. Atm, nothing happens. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Error 404 We can't find the page you're looking for.
  12. The download link is not working anymore.
  13. For anyone looking to do the same here's another (newer?) way:
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