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  1. Thanks for your reply and the workflow. It is pretty useful.
  2. Just set this one up. 1) Now I do not see any bookmarks in the bookmarks bar ( Cmd + Shift + B ). They are fine in the sidebar ( Cmd + B ). I am on M1 Big Sur 11.3. Any idea? 2) I have the "Add to Pinboard" bookmarklet ("popup" from https://pinboard.in/howto/). When I launch it from bml, Firefox shows "Firefox Developer Edition prevented this site from opening a pop-up window." notice. I can click Preferences and allow pop-up for this site or let it run for that instance. But is there a way to make it work for all the sites w/o showing the notice?
  3. I am here for the same reason. LaunchBar seems to be going nowhere. There's just no community aspect in it. Can you tell me how you got this working? I have added one of the built-in workflows that shows Alfred with the selected text. https://d.pr/i/q1cffe When I select any text and press my hotkey, it goes to Alfred alright. But I am not sure how to run an action on it. Nothing happens when I press Fn. The file/folder navigation and operations in Alfred is weak compared to LB's.
  4. I hear you. I am a LaunchBar user myself and use its Instant Send heavily. My guess is that 80% of Alfred users do not know what they are missing if they have not experienced LB's Insant Send. Anyway, for now, I have decided to make Alfred the primary launcher (⌘ + Space) and LB secondary (running in the background) just for its Instant Send. The issue with the KM workaround is that it only works for files, not text.
  5. I have tried a few of these and settled with Path Finder.
  6. While the Menu Bar Search workflow is useful, it is not the answer to what OP and I are looking for - replicating the Instant Send feature of LaunchBar. https://www.obdev.at/resources/launchbar/help/InstantSend.html https://www.obdev.at/resources/launchbar/help/SendingItems.html We can send files/folders and text to Alfred alright but the number of available options in the Actions list is limited. There seems to be no simple way to add system Services to this list. There is a feature request to make all OS X Services available in Alfred's Actions list here.
  7. Managed it using Keyboard Maestro. https://forum.keyboardmaestro.com/t/run-a-system-service-as-a-script-for-alfred-using-km/13977/5?u=sridhar
  8. Hi, Can you tell me how to use this workflow to use a macOS service in Alfred's file actions panel?
  9. Thanks. Next to research on how to add one from standard OS context menu's Services list inside a workflow like "Upload to CloudApp", "Look Up in Dash".
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am aware of how to invoke the file actions once an item is in Alfred. I am asking as to how we can get the item into Alfred w/o browsing to it inside Alfred. Say I am using Path Finder and have a folder selected. I would like to press a hotkey and have it appear in Alfred.
  11. btw, I am talking about the following and not tag auto complete.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll see if I can use the Pinboard's bookmarklet code in a bookmarklet workflow. That does not show the tags for me.
  13. Is there a way to mimic LaunchBar's Instant Send feature in Alfred? The way it works is like this: Say you select some text. You can then press a key (I have this set to ⌥) and this gets sent to LaunchBar and then we can act on it (like search in google, wikipedia etc.) The beauty is that this works not only with text but also images, files, folders.. just about anything. Basically, with just a single click you can send any kind of active item to LaunchBar and then bring up the action menu and do your stuff. It would be awesome to have this functionality with Alfred. I know it is currently possible with text.
  14. Got it. Either using the Fn or Ctrl keys. I have enabled Tab to do the same as well.
  15. How do I bring up the action panel when using arrows for folder navigation?
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