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    Sridhar Katakam got a reaction from CuteCat in Popclip Alfred Extension   
    I am trying to understand the possible use cases for this extension..
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    Sridhar Katakam got a reaction from Belfong in Send currently selected item to Alfred   
    I hear you. I am a LaunchBar user myself and use its Instant Send heavily.
    My guess is that 80% of Alfred users do not know what they are missing if they have not experienced LB's Insant Send.
    Anyway, for now, I have decided to make Alfred the primary launcher (⌘ + Space) and LB secondary (running in the background) just for its Instant Send.
    The issue with the KM workaround is that it only works for files, not text.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to dvcrn in Ability to use macOS services from Alfred   
    I've been recently playing around with launchbar and switch back and forth between it and Alfred. 
    One thing I noticed that is pretty killer in launchbar, is the ability to use macOS services. Launchbar is indexing them by default and lets you use them either with normal text or files. 
    A proposal could be:
    Type some text (or use a workflow to get the selected text and propagate the alfred window with it) Hit CTRL Select "Use Service" (or directly suggest them) Hit enter on a service to use them  
    And the same with files. Hit CTRL and propagate the actions window with services that support the file type, next to workflow actions and default alfred actions
    I think this would make Alfred a lot more powerful without the need to create custom workflows. A lot of apps (the majority?) already exposes services, and being able to use them directly within alfred would be great. 
    For example, some workflows that I manually wrote that would be possible with a service:
    DEVONthink: Add notes or files Delivers: Add a delivery from a text string Fantastical, Cardhop, Things: Add new entry directly from text  
    Screenshot of available services enabled on my system when selecting text:

    Screenshot of available services when selecting a file:

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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to deanishe in PinPlus — Interact with your Pinboard bookmarks   
    You just need to change the URL:

    Remove showtags=yes& and the tag cloud won't be shown.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to Andrew in Send currently selected text to Alfred   
    @Sridhar Katakam take a look at this workflow object: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/
    You can set the argument as the currently selected text in macOS, then configure Alfred to either show with this, or to pass this into the workflow
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to vitor in StrongPassword — Get a strong password by leveraging multiple sources   
    Get strong passwords by combining up to three sources — https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm (unless you choose to have a password without special characters), http://www.random.org/passwords/, and ruby itself. There’s at the end a technical explanation on how it works.
    Call sp and the workflow will get a (default and maximum of) 64 characters random password, and copy it to your clipboard.

    You can also specify a number after the keyword, and it’ll truncate the password to that.

    Technical Details
    I strived to keep the code very readable; inspect it at will. What this does is get a (about, due to some HTML escaping) 63 characters password from https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm and another (8 passwords, each consisting of 24 characters, joined together) from http://www.random.org/passwords/. If you opt for a password without special characters, only the latter will be used. It then picks a pseudorandom number (one of the instances where ruby is used, for speed) between one and two thirds of your chosen password length (truncated at, and by default, 64), saving that number (lets call it “x”) and the remainder (lets call it “y”) separately. From the first password, x number of characters will be chosen from random positions on the string (it’s actually an array, but that may start to become a bit too technical), and from the second one, y characters will be picked. The results are then joined together, and shuffled a last time between them, to produce the final result.
    Download | Source
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to vitor in AlfredBookmarklet — Use a browser bookmarklet via Alfred   
    Run browser bookmarklets from Alfred, without needing to having them installed in the browser itself.
    Note that you may need to Allow JavaScript from Apple Events in your Browser.

    For the first step, get this template workflow itself. Though this is not strictly necessary (you can build it yourself) it serves as a starting point with most of the work already done. Proceed to open the workflow in Alfred.

    Next, get a browser bookmarklet to convert by copying its link address.


    Run :cleanbookmarkletcode to clean the code in your clipboard. It performs substitutions necessary to avoid problems when pasting the code in the next step.

    Open the Arg and Vars node and paste the code.


    If you’re not new to Alfred, you likely won’t need these steps as you’ll know what to do.

    The template includes both a Keyword and a Hotkey nodes to run the code. You can delete either one by clicking on it and pressing ⌫.


    If you choose to use the workflow via Keyword, do not forget to set it up.


    Lastly, edit the workflow’s details and its icon. For completeness it’s pre-filled with my details. Feel free to edit them.

    Download | Source
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to vitor in PinAdd — Takes arguments as tags, and adds your browser’s frontmost tab as a pinboard bookmark   
    This workflow is officially deprecated in favour of PinPlus. It was released to the public domain, so I leave the record here if anyone is interested. You can still find the old source on Github.
    Before using this workflow, you need to configure it with your Pinboard account by running :configurepinadd followed by your api token and your preferred browser.

    You can get the API token of you Pinboard account by visiting https://pinboard.in/settings/password

    Your preferred browser may be one of Safari, Webkit, Chrome, ChromeCanary, Chromium, or depends (“depends” uses the browser you have as the frontmost window, provided it’s one of the mentioned ones).

    An example configuration would be: configurepinadd username:HSJWJK2HHSKI14QPDOIK safari
    When you’re all set, call pin followed by your tags and/or description — both are optional, and descriptions must be preceded by // (two forward slashes and a space). Pick if it should be added as a regular bookmark or as a private one (this is important, as it’ll trump your default options), and you’re done.

    The title of the bookmark will be the title of the page.

    You can also precede your tags with . (a single period), and it will add the bookmark as unread.

    There’s also a hotkey you can setup to quickly add bookmaks as unread (without any tags or description).
    If adding a bookmark fails for any reason (for example, if the connection drops), you’ll get a notification and a PinAddRetry.command file will be added to your Desktop (if it happens multiple times, it’ll add an entry for each failed attempt). You can double-click this file at a later time to run it, and retry adding the bookmarks.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to vitor in NewFile — Creates a new file in the current Finder directory   
    Call nf followed by a file name (if you don’t give it an extension, it’ll be .txt) to make a new file. If you type nfo instead the files will open after creation. If you have a Finder or Path Finder window as your frontmost window, the file will be created there, otherwise it will be created on your Desktop.

    Download | Source
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to vitor in RecentDownloads — List and act on the contents of a directory   
    List the contents of a directory and act on them. Call the workflow with rdn to sort from the most recently modified, rdo for the reverse; rda to sort from the most recently added, rdz for the reverse.

    To act on the selections, use the standard Alfred shortcuts. You can activate file actions, dive into directories, preview files, add them to the file buffer — whatever you want to do that is supported by Alfred.
    ⌥↵ opens the selection in Finder, while ⇧↵ clears the cache for rda and rdz.

    By default the Workflow looks in ~/Downloads. Change the value in the downloads_dir Workflow Environment Variable to use a different path, relative to your home directory.
    Download | Source
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to Jefferson in Transmit favorites workflow (works with MAS version)   
    Uses AppleScript to list favorites, so it works with all versions of Transmit 4 Hold down command to open in a new tab or alt to open a new window (defaults to using the current window and disconnects a current session if it exists) Searches by favorite name or by favorite address You can download it from here.
    Let me know if you guys like it or not.  If you do, check out some of my other workflows in my signature.  Some of you guys might like my Remote Desktop workflow too.
    Updated 4/25:
    Now more robust to names and addresses
    Updated 6/19:
    Now properly encodes names to UTF-8.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to iEnno in Open current Finder window in Terminal/iTerm and vice versa   
    So here's a workflow to open the current Finder window in Terminal or iTerm, depending on what you like to stick with. Also the other way round is possible.
    ft: open current Finder directory in Terminal tf: open current Terminal directory in Finder fi: open current Finder directory in iTerm if: open current iTerm directory in Finder For Path Finder fans:
    pt: open current Path Finder directory in Terminal tp: open current Terminal directory in Path Finder pi: open current Path Finder directory in iTerm ip: open current iTerm directory in Path Finder  
    Direct Download.

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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to caleb531 in Play Song - Quickly play songs, albums, and more from iTunes   
    With the introduction of Alfred v2.0, the built-in iTunes mini player is now the only way to interact with my iTunes library in Alfred. However, I would prefer to quickly search for and play songs without entering the mini player first. Therefore, I created Play Song—a workflow designed to make playing songs in iTunes extremely quick and convenient.
    Download Play Song (latest)
    Play Song enables five keywords which allow you to search for and play songs in your iTunes library.
    In order for Play Song to function properly, it requires access to assistive devices. You can enable this for Alfred via the Security & Privacy pane of System Preferences.
    Playing a song   To play an individual song, use the playsong keyword. Songs whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a song from the list will play that song once.   Playing an album   To play all songs from a particular album, use the playalbum keyword. Albums whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing an album from the list will play all songs from that album (ordered by track number).   Playing an artist   To play all songs by a particular artist, use the playartist keyword. Artists whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a artist from the list will play all songs by that artist (grouped by album).   Playing a genre   To play all songs within a particular genre, use the playgenre keyword. Genres whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a genre from the list will play all songs within that genre (grouped by artist).   Playing a playlist   To play all songs within a particular playlist, use the playplaylist keyword. Non-empty playlists whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a playlist from the list will play all songs within that playlist (according to playlist order).  
    If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please submit an issue on GitHub.
    Release Notes
    Release notes for the workflow are also available on GitHub.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to EugenyPavlenko in Minimize all windows   
    For people who miss Win+D feature of Windows OS.
    Minimize all windows
    Minimizes all windows, like Win+D does on Windows OS
    Set a desirable hotkey, like Ctrl+D
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to Ingolmo in Share your code with Pastie   
    Pastie Workflow   Alfred 2 Workflow to create Pasties.   Installation Just download and open Pastie.alfredworkflow!     Usage Just type "pastie" inside Alfred to use the current clipboard content to create a Pastie.     ThanksThanks to sosedoff for his pastie-api gem!   Contribute Don't hesitate to contribute! You can post issues and pull requests on the GitHub repository, or simply give your feedback in this post  . The workflow uses a part of zhaowu's ruby template, which is awesome  . Look at its README before contributing.  
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    Sridhar Katakam got a reaction from Tyler Eich in [Request] Validate current webpage for CSS and HTML   
    Thanks Tyler. That fixed it.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to jdfwarrior in [Request] Validate current webpage for CSS and HTML   
    Firefox's AppleScript support is poor. I don't know that it's possible to easily grab the current URL via AppleScript and so to achieve this, you may have to provide the URL yourself. That being said, the rest could be rather simple. You could create a script filter that has two options, to validate the html and to validate the css where the argument for the two items would simply be the URL to the W3 Validator. You could then press Enter to open that page or press Shift (or Cmd+Y) to QuickLook them and not have to open a browser.
    cat << EOF <items> <item uid="valHTML" arg="http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri={query}"> <title>Validate HTML</title> <subtitle>Validate athttp://validator.w3.org/check</subtitle> <icon>icon.png</icon> </item> <item uid="valCSS" arg="http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?profile=css21&warning=0&uri={query}"> <title>Validate CSS</title> <subtitle>Validate at http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator</subtitle> <icon>icon.png</icon> </item> </items> EOF If you wanted to open the page, you would simply add an Open URL item behind the Script Filter and connect the two.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to Tyler Eich in [Request] Validate current webpage for CSS and HTML   
    It looks like you're missing the '{query}' parameter in the 'Open URL' object. Instead of leaving that text box blank, put '{query}' inside of it.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to Jb_Bryant in Chrome Bookmark Search Workflow   
    All - I saw this posted on Twitter and personally I like this solution a lot better than a Chrome workflow. It uses a utility called Brow to make Chrome and Firefox bookmarks searchable in Spotlight:
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to oderwat in Find files recently changed (similar to Trickster functionality)   
    I often need to do something with my last saved or changed files, like a screenshot or a file I just downloaded with CyberDuck or saved from inside an application.
    Normally I use "Trickster" for that task. It which gives me access to files like recently downloaded, saved or edited files in a quick way but I thought it would be cool to have this in Alfred!
    After a brief check of existing workflows I could not find any which does the same simple task: List files in the current users home which are modified or created in the last 48 hours. The list is sorted descending by modification time. I also made the result list searchable.
    Simply type "last" and it will list the last modified files, you can press space and some letters to filter the results.
    You also can press Return to open the file or CMD+Return to Browse to the file with Alfred (and then use File Actions on it).
    This workflow uses "workflow class" by David Ferguson (@jdfwarrior) to build the resulting xml data. Besides that it uses a "mdfind" shell command which can be enhanced if you want to change where it searches and what it filters from the results (I filter some filetypes which are unlikely to be interesting for me).
    I am supporting Updates by the "Alleyoop" Workflow now (Install that workflow from here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1582-alleyoop-update-alfred-workflows/)   Feel free to comment!   Last Changed: 2013-04-19 19:06   V1.12: With the new Alfred 2 Update it is finally possible to fix the result order in a supported way (I modified workflow.php to support that). V1.11: Yet another method to fix the result order! Added 'Docoments/My Games' to blacklist. V1.10: Added iTunes to Blacklist (and a rather special personal Blacklist)! V1.9: Fixed problem with missing files when they have the same timestamp. V1.8: Updated to the new way Alleyoop works. V1.7: Changed how files are choosen to include files recently created even if they have an old timestamp. Added Microsoft Office Support files to the blacklist. Added Parallels VM Files to the Blacklist. V1.6: Made the found files in the result list draggable! V1.5: Added Alleyoop Support and fixed another bug with listing order (hopefully the last time now). V1.4: Fixed that the "oldest" entry was always displayed on the top (while the others where in descending order) V1.1: I updated the script to exclude some more files (mysql data, files in ~/Library, Safari Bookmarks)
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to Efty.Edge in Youtube Downloader (Based on youtube-dl)   
    First i would like to thank David Ferguson and Subject22 for their help.
    The following Workflow automatic downloads the Youtube video which is opened in your Browser. To do this, the workflow made use of  the Python Script 'youtube-dl' developed by RICARDO GARCIA GONZALES and his Team. Here is the link to their project site: http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/index.html
    I use this command line script since several month and it is fantastic, because it downloads a movie in the highest available qualitiy. Nothing more, nothing less. And the best - it supports...
    YouTube.com, metacafe.com, Google Video, Photobucket videos, Dailymotion, DepositFiles, blip.tv, vimeo, myvideo.de, The Daily Show / Colbert Nation, The Escapist, CollegeHumor, arte.tv, Soundcloud, xvideos, infoq, mixcloud, Stanford Open Content, Youku, MTV, XNXX, Google Plus, A generic downloader that works in some sites
    To download a video just open a youtube site in your browser and start the Workflow with the keyword. It is not necessary to view the video during the download, it can be paused. The download itself begins immediately and is finished if the final notification says so. The filename and the file extension of the downloaded video file is generated from the youtube-dl script. When finished the video resides on your Desktop.
    Sorry, but until the reported problem with the AllInOne workflow can be fixed, i will post the single versions. ;(
    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome Canary Opera Safari Webkit  
    2013-04-15: Split the AllInOne workflow to single ones
    2013-04-12: Support for Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Webkit, Opera, Google Chrome Canary
    2013-04-12: Pick the url from the frontmost browser
    2013-04-12: Error Handling and Notifications
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to zapacoman in Resize Window   
    This is a simple workflow I set up to resize windows.
    The keywords are as follows:
    t = top
    b = bottom
    l = left
    r = right
    tl = top left
    tr = top right
    bl = bottom left
    br = bottom right
    c = centered
    f = full
    I used to program these as hotkeys in Alfred 1 but I find that a few extra keystrokes is worth not having to remember 10 different hotkey combinations. The Alfred 1 project I based this on can be found here:   http://projects.jga.me/layouts/#toc3
    I hope people find this useful.
    Download it here:  http://bit.ly/ZrwMGo
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to jaspalx in Thesaurus   
    Please don't laugh at the code, I write applescript by copy-tweaking!
    Uses thesauras.altervista.org and ursanrazvan's applescript library.
    I'll aim to post any updates on my tumblr http://jaspalsahota.tumblr.com/post/48358079872/thesaurus-workflow-for-alfredapp-2
    Here's a screenshot
    If anyone makes this nicer/cleaner etc. please let me know.
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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to moom in Scrennshot of web pages   
    Hello everybody, I create workflow to Scrennshot of web pages.
    This workflow use webkit2png from Paul Hammond. Webkit2png
    is a command line tool that creates screenshots 
    of webpages.
    Your screenshots you can find in your desktop.
    We have two choice: 
    1: Write address (without http://)
    2: Grab URL address from your Cipboard
    Download: from here

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    Sridhar Katakam reacted to Benzi in Unofficial workflow to search AlfredWorkflow.com   
    Just a quickly put together workflow to search workflows uploaded at alfredworkflow.com.

    aw <search query> to search for workflows
    Enter will download the workflow Cmd+Enter will take you to the release notes page aw-reset will reset the cache
    Available here.
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