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  1. Many thanks for the workflow Andrew.
  2. Thanks Andrew. You wouldn't be able to suggest a workaround would you? Since this behaviour is different to the previous version of Alfred and I rely on it as part of my workflow.
  3. On searching for a contact (VCF can be downloaded here: http://cl.ly/3m1v161O1O2z) - the contact was not found. It is being indexed by Spotlight and I can find the same contact by searching for the same term in Contacts app and in Spotlight (and Cobook app). Most contacts can be found succesfully. If I edit the "company" name to "middle" I'm able to find the contact successfully. I am able to replicate. I have tried rebuilding my Spotlight index, Clearing OSX metadata and Clear application cache and restarting. Here's a screenshot of Alfred *not* finding the contact: http://cl.ly/image/3F2Y1Z0K0Q2y Here's a screenshot of Contacts app finding the same contact: http://cl.ly/image/3S3H2a051k1s Here's a screenshot of Spotlight finding the same contact: http://cl.ly/image/2z222X2J461Y Any help would be most gratefully received, thanks Alfred version & build number: v2.0.2 (178) OS X version: 10.8.3
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