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  1. The workflow was updated to version 1.4: New Features: "Manage Tags" file actions now supports multiple files from Alfred's file buffer
  2. After you have selected "Manage Tags" and hit ENTER, make sure to select "Add Tag" and hit ENTER. Then input the tag name and press ENTER again.
  3. It works if you select the application in Alfred's file browser and invoke the "Manage Tags" file action. I'll have a look why it's not working with the Finder selection.
  4. What the workflow does is: /usr/bin/mdfind -0 "(kMDItemUserTags == '*')" |xargs -0 mdls -name kMDItemUserTags |grep '^ ' |cut -c5- |cut -d , -f 1 |sort -u This queries all tagged files and then extracts the distinct tag names. I am a bit concerned about the performance if one has lots of tagged files. I hope that Apple will come up with an improved tagging support in the future.
  5. The workflow was updated to version 3.1: What's new: Fixed "Tasks done today" showing wrong tasks new feature "Search tasks" to find tasks by part of their names
  6. Should work with Personal and Pro versions of DEVONthink. Which version are you using?
  7. The workflow was updated to version 1.3: New Features: ".taglist" command now uses mdfind to query all tags instead of the unreliable Finder plist.
  8. I checked with fseventer and the only file that gets modified when I create a new / rename an existing tag is ~/Preferences/com.apple.finder.plist. That's the one I parse for the tag list. So either fseventer misses some "special" system files that get modified or Apple uses another fancy technique to gather all tags in Finder. This really drives me nuts. On the one hand I am so happy that Apple finally jumped on the tagging train but on the other hand I am quite disappointed by how incomplete this new feature was delivered. There is no official CLI, no AppleScript support,...
  9. This uses the view settings of the tags shown by "All Tags" in Finder. Not sure if there is a "critical mass" that stops Finder from storing the tags in its prefs. Haven't found any other way until now. Suggestions are welcome.
  10. The workflow was updated to version 1.2: New Features: new keyword ".taglist" to show all available tags
  11. No, unfortunately not. But you could create a Smart Folder in Finder or use spotlight: tag:<tagname> kind:mail You can avoid the tag: prefix but I usually keep it for better visualization.
  12. The workflow was updated to version 1.1: New Features: tag multiple files at once add multiple tags at once (separated by comma: tag1,tag2,tag3) tag email in Apple Mail
  13. German translations are almost always dubious if not misleading. I therefore switched my Mac's GUI language to English long time ago.
  14. I do not treat your feedback as criticism ... don't worry. If one uses Finder to tag files, Brett's hotkey tip may be the best solution. But if one (like me) uses Alfred for most of the stuff, the workflow should come in handy. I also have a few more features in mind to make it even more useful. I also use a File Filter to display tagged files instead of the cli utility. I just omitted OpenMeta tags, as they are already very well covered by your workflow. I usually do not like to reinvent the wheel...
  15. Make sure to invoke the workflow either from Alfred file browser or with a hotkey to grab the Finder selection. I'll have to add some error handling in the next version.
  16. Mavericks Tags - File and Email Tagging with Alfred 2 Features Show tags of a file/folder or email Add/Remove tags of a file/folder or email Search files/folders or emails with a specific tag Show list of available tags Installation Download and import into Alfred 2. Usage File Action The Mavericks Tags workflow is available as Alfred File Action: Hotkeys ⌃⌥T - Show tags of selected file in Finder ⌃⌥M - Show tags of selected email in Apple Mail Select "Add Tag" and ENTER a tag name to add it as new tag to the file/folder/email or select one of the existing tags and press ENTER to remove the selected tag from the file/folder/email. Keywords .tagged [tag name] - Search files/folder with tag .taggedmail [tag name] - Search emails with tag .taglist [tag name] - Show list of all available tags Credits Credit for the included command line utility go to jdberry. The icons are from the Windows8/Metro Icon Pack by Visual Pharm. Changes 1.4 [2014-03-01]"Manage Tags" file action now supports multiple file from Alfred's file buffer 1.3 [2013-12-16]".taglist" command now uses mdfind to query all tags instead of the unreliable Finder plist 1.2 [2013-12-10]new keyword ".taglist" to show list of all available tags renamed ".mtagged" keyword to ".taggedmail" 1.1 [2013-11-25]support for tagging emails chnaged icons
  17. Not that I also have access to the beta I can have a look at a fuzzy search feature for the workflow.
  18. I have set "Apps Matching" in Advanced Prefs to "Full fuzzy match". Firefox shows up as expected when searching for "ff"
  19. The man page is quite strange on these two switches...
  20. The "Selection in OS X" hotkey results in a tab delimitted string containing all selected files with their full path. Have you tried to use the AppleScript with assigning {query} to a variable? set tmpVar to "{query}" return tmpVar
  21. Could you please try to run the following command in terminal: /usr/bin/mdfind "kMDItemContentType == 'com.devon-technologies.metadata.think' || kMDItemContentType == 'com.devon-technologies.metadata.thinkpro'" Do you get any results?
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