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  1. Hi how can I select a specific calendar within the busycal workflow?


  2. Yes, you're right. When 1P is locked/closed, nothing happens, not even Safari starts. When 1P is unlocked, Safari starts, but autofill does not work correctly, only username is filled.
  3. Hi Andrew, open and fill does not work any more. When launching Alfred with a 1Password entry, nothing happens, not even Safari starts ;(
  4. Hey Andrew, I wanted to ask if you have heard anything new concerning the "open and fill" option? Cheers, Fritz
  5. This download link works fine http://cl.ly/1W453Z2O3h2L
  6. Downloading this workflow doesn't work ;(
  7. Hi Alfredapp team and community do you know anything about the "favorite folder" workflow (I used it a few years ago). I can't find any hints. Cheers Fritz
  8. Hi, Alfred and 1Password 7.0.BETA-8 doesn't work together with "open and fill". 1p devs say: in the url should see two items: onepasswdfill=<longrandomlookingid> and onepasswdvault=<longrandomlookingid> but there is only ?onepasswdfill=.... Cheers Fritz
  9. Hi, somehow the integration quickcal (v3.1.5) from smellypuppy and Alfred (v3.0.1) is broken. How is the correct integration to make automatic entries with Alfred and Quickcal? Cheers, Fritz
  10. Deleting both versions and reinstalling solves the problem. Cheers Fritz
  11. I am confused, there is a different behavior on two machines: on both computers 1Password and 1Password beta are installed at the same time. On both computers I enabled 3rd party data only in 1Password Beta. One computers detects 1Password data - the other not. Shall I delete 1Password and keep only beta installed? Cheers Fritz
  12. Hi Andrew, I disabled exported 3rd party data in 1 Password - now Alfred cannot find data from 1Password beta automatically. Do you know the specific path to 1Password beta? Cheers, Fritz
  13. Hi, I have installed both 1Password and 1Password beta. How can I ensure that Alfred looks for the entries in 1Password beta? Cheers, Fritz
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