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  1. Problem solved. The Mac that wasn't listing any files was at 10.6.x. I just upgraded to 10.8.3 and the workflow works. I probably should have thought of that first Thanks for you help and patience. And thanks for the very helpful workflow!
  2. The mdfind line brings no results. Total blankness. The reported php version is 5.3.15 (cli) (built: Jul 31 2012 18:42:11) Just for fun, I tried mdfind on the Mac on which your workflow works, and got a long list of files in return. I'm going to nuke my Spotlight index and rebuild it. I appreciate your spending time on what is undoubtedly a problem with my environment. I'll let you know how it goes after I rebuild the index. Thanks! LATER THAT DAY: I rebuilt the Spotlight index but still no results from the mdfind command line...
  3. I'm sorry to say that the files do show up in Spotlight. On the other hand, I tried it on my other MacBook, and it works like a champ. So there's something screwy with Mac #1. David W.
  4. This sounds great. Thanks for doing it. But I'm sorry to say that it's not working for me. It tells me that it's scanning (so I think I have it installed correctly), but it always tells me "No Docs." I've tried saving files of various sorts (.txt, .pages, .js, .doc) in a variety of directories (~home/Sites/folder, ~home/Dropbox/folder, ~/home/Documents/folder) but they don't show up on the list. I'm 100% confident that it's something I've done wrong. Still, I thought I'd let you know. And make a sad face - David
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