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  1. Own Action Modifiers

    Hey guys, i´m using the open respectively the double space tap a lot. But I also love Forklift (like a finder or the good old norton commander) when I don´t want to open a file but see it in the respectively folder i do open with... forklift. Now there is the possibility to press cmd + ENTER to just trigger the action modifiers to open it in finder... i want to change the action modifier cmd+ (or alt + or ctrl+) to open it forklift instead... is there a way i can customise it? thanks in advance and regards, daniel
  2. I have the same problem and no solution seems to work. In addition to that i added 3 folders which are encrypted, and which i see in Alfred results as encrypted - so the spotlight indexing is 100%. Only on 1 of the three folders i added to the scope Alfred searches to the exact match on file level, on the other it just stops on the folder level. I can't find a solution. I already build the spotlight index, cleared the cache, etc. etc.
  3. iMessage focus with part of name/handle

    Hoi, i like the workflow to a lot! Thank you very much for it! Sending Text through it would be even better, that´s true. But i ilke that i just land exactly on the person i want to write and can start typing. I added a Facebook Chat account this morning via Jabber and since then the workflow takes like several minutes to find the name. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s105/sh/eeb8317d-06b3-4d0e-b8cd-d364724a8efd/b46e4a536647e0ee7c4a54c2b6306ac9 Starting Messages.app... please wait. Before adding facebook it worked perfect. I assume, of course, that FB is the reason, but i would like to know why and to keep FB also... Thanks in advance, Daniel