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  1. Hey guys, one of the best workflows ever imho is the leo workflow which translates several languages and gives inline response... Since yesterday i get a Timeout occured error... Workflow is created by: Bastian Ohmer (https://github.com/psistorm/alfredapp) On github you can read: Dear Leo Dictionary Workflow users, Today (2017-03-17 09:52) I received a polite e-mail from the company that runs Leo Dictionary asking me to remove all occurrences of this workflow as it does violate their terms of usage. They need the money generated from ad
  2. Hey guys, i´m using the open respectively the double space tap a lot. But I also love Forklift (like a finder or the good old norton commander) when I don´t want to open a file but see it in the respectively folder i do open with... forklift. Now there is the possibility to press cmd + ENTER to just trigger the action modifiers to open it in finder... i want to change the action modifier cmd+ (or alt + or ctrl+) to open it forklift instead... is there a way i can customise it? thanks in advance and regards, daniel
  3. I have the same problem and no solution seems to work. In addition to that i added 3 folders which are encrypted, and which i see in Alfred results as encrypted - so the spotlight indexing is 100%. Only on 1 of the three folders i added to the scope Alfred searches to the exact match on file level, on the other it just stops on the folder level. I can't find a solution. I already build the spotlight index, cleared the cache, etc. etc.
  4. Hoi, i like the workflow to a lot! Thank you very much for it! Sending Text through it would be even better, that´s true. But i ilke that i just land exactly on the person i want to write and can start typing. I added a Facebook Chat account this morning via Jabber and since then the workflow takes like several minutes to find the name. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s105/sh/eeb8317d-06b3-4d0e-b8cd-d364724a8efd/b46e4a536647e0ee7c4a54c2b6306ac9 Starting Messages.app... please wait. Before adding facebook it worked perfect. I assume, of course, that FB is the reason, but i would l
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