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  1. added some stuff since the initial release: support for albums some new commands like: next, previous or pause added support for romkan[1] [1] I love japanese music so i have many songs with titles written in hiragana, katakana or kanji. To search terms in "romaji" (which is our roman alphabet) i've used a library called romkan. Example: Kanji won't work because romkan doesn't support it. Seems there is no solution for this problem atm .
  2. Maestro Tell iTunes to play a specific song in your current playlist Filter by title and author Whats the difference between Maestro and the iTunes Mini Player? Well, there is one thing the standard Alfred Mini Player is lacking... search in playlist. It happens (at least to me) very often that i want to hear a specific song in my playlist but don't want to stop listening to the playlist itself. Trivia Source code available at Maestro@Github Powered by alfred.py Alleyoop-support This workflow creates a folder ".maestro-cache" at your home directory which stores all album art of your current playlist. It will cache only once for performance reasons if you want to recache your artworks simply use the command "maestro recache" Download it here: Maestro.alfredworkflow greetings Kasoki
  3. Could you please check out the new version 0.3? It should at least not fall back to the default search now.
  4. I made an update which shows all Favorites if you enter nothing. Could you please try the new version and tell me if the problem (the workflow shows nothing) still occurs?
  5. Cyberduck Favorites Open a connection with your Cyberduck favorites This workflow will list all your Cyberduck bookmarks and open them if you select them Source code at Github: Cyberduck-Favorites Powered by alfred.py Should support Alleyoop Download it here: Cyberduck Favorites.alfredworkflow Greetings Kasoki
  6. alfred-haxelib Manage your Haxe libraries from Alfred Install/Remove libraries with: haxelib install LIBRARY_NAME haxelib remove LIBRARY_NAME or select specific versions: haxelib install LIBRARY_NAME VERSION haxelib remove LIBRARY_NAME VERSION Set the current version number for a library: Trivia Download: alfred-haxelib.alfredworkflow Source code: alfred-haxelib @ Github Based on alfred.py alfred-haxelib should support Alleyoop Updater Greetings Kasoki
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