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  1. This could be extraordinarily useful to graphic designers (especially UI folks) with the incorporation of typography and resolution converters. E.g: • Pixels (px) at Resolution (ppi) = Length (millimetres, inches, …), and inverse • Points (pt) to Length (millimetres, inches, …), and inverse • Ems (em) or Ens (en) at Point Size (pt) and at Resolution (ppi) = Pixels (px) • (et cetera…) It used to be that 1 point was equal to 1 pixel, but with mobile and "retina" resolutions there's no longer any consistency.
  2. Just a note that I started a similar thread in 'Workflow Help & Questions' in search of possible workarounds (using scripts, potentially) to achieve context-awareness: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2653-adding-scopes-to-hotkeys/
  3. @Carlos-Sz: Thank you for the suggestion! Although I suppose this might be possible to implement outside of Alfred (perhaps with Automator?), it doesn't work within Alfred using a hotkey defined by Alfred. From what I can tell, as soon as a hotkey is defined within Alfred, it ceases to function within all other apps whether or not anything else is added to the workflow. (E.g. defining the hotkey 'command+D' within Alfred, in an otherwise empty workflow, causes the 'duplicate' command within Finder to no longer be available.) Even within a 'disabled' workflow, if a hotkey is defined, it is no longer available within other apps. Am I correct that this is an inherent limitation of Alfred?
  4. Is it possible to restrict a hotkey to be active only when a particular application is in the foreground? The default implementation of hotkeys in Alfred's workflows causes all hotkeys to be 'global' in scope, which is to say that they work regardless of what application is running. For example, I'd like to run an apple script using the hotkey combination 'command+D' when Adobe Illustrator is in the foreground. Currently, setting this hotkey in Alfred achieves my purpose, however it also overrides the same hotkey combination in other apps that already use it, such as the 'duplicate' command in Finder. What I'd like is for 'command+D' to continue functioning as is when Finder is in the foreground, and make it run my apple script when Illustrator is in the foreground. Appreciate any feedback or ideas!
  5. Just discovered that this functionality is generally referred to as "Scopes". Again, much needed in Alfred.
  6. This is much needed. For example, I want a keyboard shortcut that only takes effect when a certain application is in the foreground. With the current iteration of 'workflows' this isn't possible because Alfred makes all keyboard shortcuts global. I'm also trying to avoid relying on other applications for this, such as Keyboard Maestro, iKey, or Butler.
  7. Perhaps there could be a workflow element, such as "Switch Apps", that could be used to return focus to whichever app had focus immediately prior to Alfred? Similar to performing a 'Cmd + Tab'...
  8. When creating a workflow, delivering {query} to both the 'Large Type' and 'Copy to Clipboard' output options causes the setting 'Automatically paste to front most app' within 'Copy to Clipboard' to not complete. Screenshot: http://db.tt/Fk4vqGKQ
  9. If you add Last.fm scrobbling to the iTunes Mini Player, I wouldn't need to run a third app such as Coversutra or Bowtie, which otherwise provide the same controls as Alfred's Mini Player. This would help Alfred take over my computer.
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