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  1. Great suggestions, I'll task a look at Gas Mask and the host add/host remove workflows. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone created a workflow for more robust editing of the hosts file? Of course, typing this into Terminal works just fine: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts But was wondering if anyone has taken it beyond the basics? (Like opening in TextWrangler / TextEdit, etc)
  3. Occasionally, AirPlay just stops working from Mountain Lion (e.g., it won't register when you select it from the audio drop down when you option-click on the volume in the menu bar). I believe this is a bug, but until it's addressed, the fix (posted here) is to enter this into Terminal: sudo pkill coreaudiod Here's the most basic of workflows to accomplish this when you type "airplayfix": It requires you to enter your password and then quit Terminal, which is a little kludgy but I don't know any better way (suggestions?). Download Workflow
  4. Toggles behavior of function keys between standard and special features (e.g., volume, play/pause), as described here. Specifically, accomplishes the following when keyword "fn toggle" is entered: Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu. From the View menu choose Keyboard (or Keyboard & Mouse in Mac OS X v10.5.8 and earlier). Check / uncheck "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" (Note: when checked, requires holding the fn key to press standard function keys, when unchecked, does not require holding the fn key to press standard function keys) Download workflow
  5. I like this setting as well. Found it under the Advanced tab. You need to enable both: Store typed query history Show latest history if within 5 minutes
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