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  1. Check out https://github.com/thomashempel/AlfredGoogleTranslateWorkflow Greets, Thomas
  2. That should be possible if Google returns that information. I'll look into that. Well, the icons in the result are set in the php script that does the lookup and parsing. The workflow only comes with icons for en and de. I already have plans how I can change the workflow to make it more general. Btw. Right now, the easiest way to stay up to date is following me on GitHub. Greets, Thomas
  3. Hi, I just finished my first workflow. It's yet another translation workflow based on Google. Right now it only translates to german and english but it easily extendable. he twist with this workflow is, that it displays the result from Google inside Alfred and does not open the Google website. Makes it very easy to pick the translation you think fits best. Just select it and it will be pasted to the clipboard. By default the following commands are implemented: gte {phrase} - Specifically translate from german to english gfe {phrase} - Specifically tranbslate from english to german gag {phrase} - Translate to german and let Google figure out what the source language is gae {phrase} - Translate to english and let Google figure out what the source language is You can download it from GitHub. Or directly. Hope someone finds this useful. Let me know what you think. :-) Best wishes, Thomas
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