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  1. Hi, didn't see the post until today. opening attachments and finding items is great. Looking forward to installing the workflow. For maintenance: not sure I can contribute - not a skilled programmer at all. cheers
  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply, was gone over weekend - yes, the new version works. I really appreciate your work, many thanks!
  3. Hi, the ennew keyword is still not working for me. I've done the following: - restart computer - reinstall Evernote - reinstall Alfred Evernote plugin - rename ennew into some other keyword The issue is still the same. Alfred doesn't do anything once ennew has been typed. The "loading options" is shown, indicating that the right workflow is being called. Also, when I rename ennew in the Evernote workflow, then typing ennew falls back onto a browswer serach, showing that the keyword doesn't exist twice (same after uninstalling the workflow). Using the hotkeys works, indicating that the script in the 3rd column of the workflow does its job fine. The error therefore seems to happen in the ennew scriptfilter, which calls add_evernote.scpt. Any ideas left? I'd really like to get this to work...
  4. mmh. Doesn't help. It's weird: When I assign hotkeys, they work (e.g. new note from clipboard). When I type ennew, then it seems to get stuck while "loading options" - even if I add text after ennew, pressing return won't do anything. Not sure how to debug this..
  5. Hi, v4.5: when I type ennew, then nothing happens, except that alfred says "loading options" under "Create a new note…". Do I have to make any adjustments to the script first? Other commands work fine. Cheers
  6. Hi, I am having the exact same problems as vdesabou. I downloaded the newest version (I think, from the first page of this thread), but the problem persists. Besides that, great workflow idea! Cheers
  7. Hi, this is a great workflow, thank you. Could you implement to show the notebook as the subtitle of the notetitle results? This would be really helpful. Cheers
  8. I guess another solution is to create separate perspectives with single contexts in OF. But, depending on the number of contexts, this would make a lot of perspectives. The workflow you laid out sounds fine to me. But, it might actually be more useful to have an extra command which immediately lists the contexts of the perspective you gave as argument (or is that what you meant anyway?). Then, you have 1 step to choose the context, and from there you get the tasks. I think that the advantage would be that by filtering down onto 1 context, you will get a lot less items (well, depending on the perspective) - which fits well with the few lines we have in Alfred (and makes choosing a task easier without distraction…). The extra step, in my eyes, is not problematic, because it follows my own structure (for example, I always look at the today perspective, and I know my contexts there, and similar with waiting for) - I would make a TextExpander shortcut for both, and then remember which number to press for each context afterwards. I suppose people would get annoyed about the extra step if they always had to enter the exact same combination (so, they would always go to the same context in the same perspective). These people would probably just rearrange your workflow and take out the context choice to get rid of the extra input.
  9. Hi, really useful, thank you. it would be great to be able to search for a context, too, or even to combine perspective and context. For example, I have a perspective "today", and then contexts like "priority", "office", "home". So, I'd like to look for "today"-"office" etc. (similar for waiting for perspective which contains "waiting for" for different people).
  10. Hi, is there already progress on a Zotero workflow? Zotero integration would be greatly appreciated!
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