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  1. Good to hear! Can't argue with that. Alfred and Plex - can't do without either. Proud power pack and sharper-image-remote user for Alfred and lifetime plex pass member here!
  2. Another user posted a great response. Oddly, I can still see it on my phone but not on my PC (not sure if it was deleted and its my browser cache on my phone) where he explained his perspective of what remote is today and what it could be in the future. That was a great response (summary: its not really a remote control today, its more of a remote launcher. But in future it could be much more - which I agree). To the user who might have chosen to delete the response - I think it was spot on and puts good perspective -- if you'd like to repost. For now, I'm treating my Alfred remote as a Sharper Image product - love the looks and potential but also scratching my head about it
  3. Thanks Derick. I guess I am struggling between finding a use case which can withstand the test of time vs initial novelty. Your example of dictation is nice. The challenge is you need to use the mic of your Mac not your phone which means you need to be close to the Mac which then brings up the point of sustained use vs novelty . Similarly I saw a cute action on PowerPoint control but without feedback it's also a very limited function. Another example: the shutdown function seems to prompt "are you sure?" On the Mac.. Limited use of a remote then (I know this dialog can be eliminated, so bad example, in retrospect). But fair enough. I don't see a technical limitation for the creators to add a 2 way channel and I'm sure it will show up in the future. In the mean time I will continue to soak ideas from work posted here. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have been used Alfred on my mac for a few years. I've even written some workflows, one of which I've published (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2074-multiple-time-zone-calculator-workflow/) I just bought Alfred remote and installed it in iOS and I am a little baffled. What exactly do people use it for? As I understand: 1. I can use it to launch any arbitrary workflow, page or command, but besides launching it I can't really do much with it 2. If I want to interact with any application on my mac, I need to write a workflow for it that feeds it commands - correct? 3. There is no way to get results back from a workflow I run back to my phone. For example, I would love to run my multi timezone calculator, feed it some free text time from my phone and get the results back on my phone - I assume this is not possible? (I added a remote trigger to my workflow and that resulted in it being launched on the mac) So my questions is: Given that this seems to be 1 way traffic from the device to the mac and there is no feedback mechanism, what are people using it for? (besides iTunes control and shutdown/sleep etc) - I am missing why I'd want to launch stuff on the mac but not be able to control them or interact with them afterwards with input from my phone (not pre-scripted workflows where inputs don't come from the phone, or simulating keypresses via applescript which are again pre-scripted) I love Alfred on my mac and use it all the time. I'd like to know if I am missing any capability on the remote Thanks
  5. David, I may be missing something then. Yes, I am the creator. The only option I see is "Edit" and when I do that I don't see any interface to edit tags thx
  6. Hi, is it possible to change topic tags after I share workflows? I ignored them/did not tag properly and then realized that's how people discover workflows :-)
  7. How are you calling it? Check my multi email workflow. I just do open mailto:<names> and it works almost always - opens my default email client even if its not started (in some rare cases, it does nothing, not sure why)
  8. No, thats fine, thanks - its just a small addition. I am sure folks who asked for it will chime in if it did/not work. Yes, I'm on a roll - its fun to code once in a while, even if its small stuff like this. Keeps the juices flowing.
  9. Some folks wanted me to add an option to send emails via Gmail (web based). Please download the new version (see first post) You now can either use 'memail' for default email client or 'memailg' for using web based gmail if its not set as your default client. Enjoy.
  10. Indeed. The only caveat is that the 'search' is not as fast as before, so I had to put in the 4 character limit before I begin searching BTW several of your posts above list emails of your contacts - in an open forum such as this, they may be picked up for spamming. You may want to consider editing them to remove the emails (or at least, the domains or something). Up to you.
  11. Wooot! I love it when things work. Thanks for being patient and forcing me to learn applescript basics Try the "cc" option too (hit the / key)
  12. Yes, though I rename the files each time with a version number, so best to delete the old one
  13. Excellent :-) Now go back to the first email in this thread - I've released version 1.3 of the workflow - let me know if it works Make sure you delete the old workflow first (I don't know how Alfred handles multiple versions installed)
  14. Ok great. I'll release an updated workflow soon. In the mean time, please confirm this: 1. Start a terminal 2. Type in 3. confirm that this opens up your default email client ready to send a mail to "foo@peace.org" (If you don't see the email client up on your screen, just click on your mail client to see if did it) If it did not work, try step 2 onw more time:-)
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