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  1. Hey Phil, that was quick! I used Alleyoop to update my workflows (worked like a charm, btw), but the problem still occurs. I'll clarify: 1) Things is closed 2) Open Alfred, type "things #test testingnewtask" 3) Things opens, Inbox is empty (testingnewtask is not created) If Things is open in the background, "#test newtask" is shown in the Inbox. Tag (#test) is not created, but is included in the name. Also, how do you input duedates? Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I bought the lifetime Powerpack just for this workflow! Thanks! Question: I would like to add tasks even if Things is not open in the background. Currently, when I try to add a new task without Things running, it only opens Things but does not add a task. Is it possible to automatically be able to add tasks without having things open? Thanks, Johnny
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