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  1. Thanks! Always glad to help bring people into the fold.


    I'm afraid, though, that adding things without Things is a no-go. I looked into modifying its database directly and concluded that there's probably no way to generate the metadata that the program expects to go with its tasks. However, it shouldn't be dropping new tasks like that; I've just uploaded a new copy of the workflow that might help a bit. Let me know if there's any improvement!


    Hey Phil, that was quick! I used Alleyoop to update my workflows (worked like a charm, btw), but the problem still occurs. I'll clarify:

    1) Things is closed

    2) Open Alfred, type "things #test testingnewtask"

    3) Things opens, Inbox is empty (testingnewtask is not created)

    If Things is open in the background, "#test newtask" is shown in the Inbox. Tag (#test) is not created, but is included in the name. Also, how do you input duedates?

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi! I bought the lifetime Powerpack just for this workflow! Thanks!

    Question: I would like to add tasks even if Things is not open in the background. Currently, when I try to add a new task without Things running, it only opens Things but does not add a task.


    Is it possible to automatically be able to add tasks without having things open?




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