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  1. E.g., searching for "Dunbar's number" correctly shows the preview of the Dictionary.app article, but submitting the entry in order to display it in Dictionary.app quietly fails - a blank page is shown. Omitting the apostrophe (single quote) - searching for "Dunbar number" - works as expected.
  2. > That's what computers work with Not consistently: OS X has reported base-10 numbers with respect to drive capacity (in line with manufacturers' specs.) since Snow Leopard (10.6). Confusion exists, but it can be avoided by using distinct unit names for the base-10 and base-2 definitions: GB (gigabyte)= base 10 = 10 ^ 9 GiB (gibibyte [sic]) = base 2 = 2 ^ 30 (analogous distinction for KB/KiB, ...) This distinction was adopted by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and "the IEC Standard had been adopted by the IEEE, EU, and NIST." Source: https://en.wikipedia.
  3. Very nice. Suggestion: add support for US-style feet-and-inches specs., commonly used in (human) height measurement; common forms are: 5ft 7in 5'7 5'7" Also, how about showing the unit categories even before a number is typed? That would enable direct browsing of them.
  4. Thanks, David, but I wasn't talking about hotkeys, but *action modifiers* - the modifier keys you can assign - effectively combined with `Return` - to modify what happens when *a script-filter result is actioned*.
  5. Another use case: For workflows that opt in, keep Alfred open indefinitely. For instance, I have a text-to-speech workflow that I'd like to play with iteratively: Type in a word or phrase, have it pronounced - without closing Alfred. Rinse and repeat. I know that for now I can use AppleScript to redisplay Alfred, but it would be nicer if it didn't close to begin with (which avoids flashing). On a related note, it would be nice to control what part of the command line is preselected on actioning (and continued display). In the described use case it's desirable to pre-select al
  6. Similar request here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1790-provide-a-hotkey-to-pin-alfred-on-top-temporarily/?hl=%2Bkeep+%2Bopen#entry9393
  7. For advanced workflows it would be nice to be able to specify *combinations* of modifier keys when specifying action modifiers for workflow connections. For instance, allow an action modifier based on holding down *both* the Option and the Shift key. (I know there's potential for conflict with global hotkeys, such as Cmd-Opt-Return for the iTunes mini player.) Currently (Alfred 2.0.3), you're limited to a single modifier key.
  8. I have a slightly more exotic use case: Sometimes I want to activate a given application (making it frontmost) while still having Alfred stay on top. This is useful for workflows that perform searches in other applications and want to use that application's GUI to provide rich, real-time feedback while searching (as opposed to the limited feedback that Alfred's results can provide). Case in point: I have an Evernote workflow where I type in a query and, via a script filter, have Evernote perform the same query as I type (the advantage of still using Alfred to formulate the query -
  9. This may not be a bug, but it's worth noting: When you use open location to open a URL from inside an NSAppleScript action, it must be in the tell application "System Events" context, otherwise it will fail silently (as of Alfred 2.0.3 on OS X 10.8.3). For instance, to open URL "http://boston.com", you need to use the following: tell application "System Events" to open location "http://boston.com" # fails without `tell application "System Events" to` Note: If an action's sole purpose is to open a URL with the default handler, it is better to use the dedicated Open URL
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