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    mklement0 reacted to Andrew in Dictionary > Define a word functionality fails to open the relevant page in Dictionary.app when the search term includes an apostrophe [Fixed 4.0.3 b1091 pre-release]   
    @mklement0 interesting spot, thanks!
    It looks like a bug in Dictionary.app as if I type the following into Terminal, I get the same:
    open "dict://dunbar's number" The best I think I can do to fix this in Alfred is to strip single quotes from the input - I'll do this in the next build  
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    mklement0 reacted to deanishe in Dictionary > Define a word functionality fails to open the relevant page in Dictionary.app when the search term includes an apostrophe [Fixed 4.0.3 b1091 pre-release]   
    This works fine, though (on High Sierra): open 'dict://dunbar%27s%20number'
    Look like you just need to properly encode the URL.
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    mklement0 reacted to ClintonStrong in Search Safari and Chrome Tabs [Updated Feb 8, 2014]   
    Search your tabs in Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Chrome Canary, and Webkit.

    When you action a result, it'll bring your browser to the front and switch to the selected tab. You can also close a tab by holding down alt when actioning a result.

    Download from Packal
    Updated Feb 8, 2014: Made it more resilient to an AppleScript error that could cause a blank output.
    Update #2, Feb 1, 2014: Fixed regression with searching. You should be able to search anchored by words (and capital letters in CamelCase words) again.
    Updated Feb 1, 2014: Rewrote the workflow. It now supports copying the URL of a tab, viewing a tab in QuickLook, and closing a tab with a modifier key.
    Updated Oct 11, 2013: Fixed issue with improper string encoding in Mavericks and Ruby 2.0 breaking the workflow.
    Updated Oct 9, 2013: Updated for Mavericks and Ruby 2.0.0. Removed thumbnails for now (beta versions of Safari don't seem to generate them anymore). Fixed some issues where the proper window wouldn't always focus correctly.
    Updated May 4, 2013: Experimental support for webpage thumbnails. Prevent launching browsers when WebKit is open.

    Updated Mar 26, 2013: (Hopefully) prevent launching browsers when it's not supposed to, and fix an issue with it not detecting WebKit.
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    mklement0 reacted to rice.shawn in Packal Updater   
    Finally here: Update your workflows with the Packal Updater.
    There is a longer explanation on the Packal page, so just check that one out, but I'll give you a short version here.
    The updater will upgrade any workflows that you have downloaded from Packal when an upgrade becomes available. It cannot upgrade any workflows that you did not download from Packal.
    When you launch it the first time, head over to the settings and configure how you want it to work. If you write workflows, then put in the name that you most often use. If you have a Packal account, put that name in there too. If you do those two things, then the updater won't try to upgrade your workflows. If there are workflows that you do not want to update if, say, you've modified them, then Blacklist them in the appropriate place, and the updater will ignore those workflows. 
    If you're running Mavericks (or, theoretically, Yosemite), then you'll have access to a nifty little GUI. If you're not, then, well, you don't, but you can still configure and do everything from Alfred itself. See the animated screenshots below for a quick demo of both.
    Three other notes:
    (1) The Updater Workflow uses the Alfred Bundler, which has been receiving an overhaul. If you run into some trouble with it, then just go ahead and delete your bundler directory, and it will re-install itself. A newer version of the bundler should be coming out soon that will make some great fixes, but you needn't worry about that because the bundler will update itself.
    (2) The Updater can send information to Packal about what workflows you have installed, enabled, and downloaded from Packal. It'll try to do this once a week if you do not disable the feature. It is anonymous reporting in that there is no way for me to figure out who you are from the data. Here's the command that I use to generate your unique identifier:
    ioreg -rd1 -c IOPlatformExpertDevice | awk '/IOPlatformUUID/ { split($0, line, "\""); printf("%s\n", line[4]); }' If you just plug that into a terminal, then you'll probably see something akin to:
    (3) The Updater keeps backups of the workflows you've updated, so, if anything breaks, just open the backups folder and double-click the most recent version of the workflow to restore.
    Anyway, go grab it from Packal, and start updating.
    (And, as always, I think I've removed all the bugs, but, as I release this into the wild, I expect to find more. Just report them here.)
    Lastly, the updater can update itself according to my tests. Cool, right?
    Demo — Packal "GUI"

    Demo — Packal Script Filter Interface

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    mklement0 reacted to deanishe in Packal: Workflow and Theme Repository   
    For a bit of fun (and to test a Workflow library I'm working on), I made a Workflow to search Packal.

    You can get the Workflow here. The very brief source code is here.

    It uses the manifest.xml file exported to Packal's GitHub repo, so the information available to the Workflow is very limited (e.g. no workflow URL and, alas, no tags). Hitting ENTER on a result will send you to Packal's search page, which should show you only one result: the Workflow you actioned.

    As I say, it's just a bit of fun, so don't be asking for any funky features (though I'd happily add tag search and a proper URL if they're added to the manifest file, hint hint Shawn  ).
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    mklement0 reacted to milan in Toggle Wifi workflow   
    A workflow for toggling Wifi on and off.
    Get it at http://www.packal.org/workflow/toggle-wifi
    Report bugs (unlikely to impossible) here.
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    mklement0 got a reaction from designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    > That's what computers work with
    Not consistently: OS X has reported base-10 numbers with respect to drive capacity (in line with manufacturers' specs.) since Snow Leopard (10.6).
    Confusion exists, but it can be avoided by using distinct unit names for the base-10 and base-2 definitions:
    GB (gigabyte)= base 10 = 10 ^ 9 GiB (gibibyte [sic]) = base 2 = 2 ^ 30 (analogous distinction for KB/KiB, ...)
    This distinction was adopted by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and "the IEC Standard had been adopted by the IEEE, EU, and NIST."
    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabyte
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    mklement0 got a reaction from designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    Looks quite promising - thanks for the update.
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    mklement0 got a reaction from designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    Cool, thanks - great idea to generalize it.
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    mklement0 got a reaction from designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    Very nice.
    Suggestion: add support for US-style feet-and-inches specs., commonly used in (human) height measurement; common forms are:
    5ft 7in 
    Also, how about showing the unit categories even before a number is typed? That would enable direct browsing of them.
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    mklement0 reacted to designandsuch in Workflow: Units - convert currency length temperature weight and more   
    A better unit converter

     Download V0.6
    contact thijs@designandsuch.com for questions, bugs, ideas and such
    try out the demo
    There are more unit converters available. but i didn't like the lack of speed due to the feeds. Thus i redid one myself which calculates everything on your mac. It fetches new currency data once in a while.. that's the only time when a second delay might appear. And in my humble opinion it's already better than all other unit converters around.
    I might add more units in the future but so far it has:
    - 7 units temperature  ( celsius, kelvin, fahrenheit etc. )
    - 21 units on length  ( km, miles, nautical miles etc. )
    - 15 units on weight   ( kg, lb, etc. )
    - 8 units on time ( days, hours, years months etc )
    - 18 units on digital memory ( GB, MB TB bytes, kilobytes etc )
    - 5 units on speed ( km/h, miles per hour etc.
    - 90 units on currencies ( euro, dollar, pounds, dinar etc. )
    that's 164 units
    It has a nice blind rating system. so the more you choose for one answer, the more it will be likely that that one shows up in the suggestions.  
    Automatic updates from a currency xml file  
    I am working on an automatic update on the whole workflow so i could add new features while you use it. But that is not finished yet.. and i thought.. let's start sharing maybe ill get some nice feedback for possible cool ideas.  
    * designed the icons myself, probably could work some more on those too.  
    it doesn't need explanation...
    if you'll just start typing
    "5 kilometer to miles..."
    or something you will figure out how it works.
    some screenshots:
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    mklement0 reacted to guiguan in Uni Call [v6.031]: The missing universal audio, video call and text workflow for Alfred   
    Uni Call is an open source project and an Alfred workflow providing the fastest way to make whatever audio, video phone call or send whatever text message on your Mac OS X (ambitious . It views your Apple Contacts (we love Apple address book and iCloud as the central place for all your contact information, and makes use of those information to help you initiate your phone calls or text messages as quickly as possible.
    Please visit Uni Call's official project site (http://unicall.guiguan.net) for more details.
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    mklement0 reacted to zhaowu in Provide a hotkey to pin Alfred on top temporarily   
    The reason is that some workflow requires a bit of time to run. and some of them related to monitoring, notes and tasks can be useful to just pin on the top for a while.
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    mklement0 reacted to jdfwarrior in Faves - Formerly Favorite Folders   
    Formerly called Favorite Folders, now allows you to set any file, folder, or application as a favorite.
    A user requested this under the help and questions forum and i really liked the idea of it. I threw it together really quick for them but thought I would share with you guys as well. Not sure if something like this has been made already or not but, here is my rendition of it.

    The idea is to have a list of items that you access often, saved in a list and easily accessible. Results are actionable, can be opened by pressing Enter, browsed in Alfred by pressing Cmd+Enter, or removed from the Favorites List with Ctrl+Enter.
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    mklement0 reacted to thomashempel in Yet another Google Translate workflow with inline results   
    I just finished my first workflow. It's yet another translation workflow based on Google. Right now it only translates to german and english but it easily extendable.
    he twist with this workflow is, that it displays the result from Google inside Alfred and does not open the Google website. Makes it very easy to pick the translation you think fits best. Just select it and it will be pasted to the clipboard.
    By default the following commands are implemented:
    gte {phrase} - Specifically translate from german to english
    gfe {phrase} - Specifically tranbslate from english to german
    gag {phrase} - Translate to german and let Google figure out what the source language is
    gae {phrase} - Translate to english and let Google figure out what the source language is
      You can download it from GitHub. Or directly.
    Hope someone finds this useful. Let me know what you think. :-)
    Best wishes,
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    mklement0 reacted to stevenrt in Mail.app search by author, subject or content   
    Any update on the sorting issue?  This is a great workflow, but not having the emails sorted by date does make this workflow less valuable.  For instance, I search for a subject, and the list returns a list of emails with the same or similar subject line (e.g., an email chain).  I know I want the latest email in the chain, but since the results are not in chronological order, things get messy.
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    mklement0 reacted to Benzi in Battery - view summary stats about your laptop battery   
    Description: Shows summary information about your laptop battery (charge, time, status, charge cycles, and health - % of maximum charge your battery can now hold compared to its original design capacity)
    Usage: enter the keyword "battery"
    Tested on: Mountain Lion, MacBook Pro
    Download: from here
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    mklement0 reacted to zhaowu in Top Processes Based Memory or CPU Usage Workflow   
    Alfred 2 Top Process Workflow
      The initial motive of this workflow is to avoid frequent visits to the Activity Monitor when the fan goes loud. Now it has been evolved with two major features:   Suggestions are welcome. And Please go to http://zhaocai.github.com/alfred2-top-workflow/ for better view of the installation instruction.   - 1) List/Kill Top Processes by Memory/CPU/IO Usage       - 2) (working in progress) Get a glance of system status including internal battery, fan speed, CPU/GPU Temperature, bluetooth battery, disk capacity, etc.     Usage   0. Show Help   Just type -?, -h, or --help after the keyword to show help.     1. Top Processes   A. Keywords:   1.) top: Show a mixed processes list based on top cpu/memory usage.          1. top -m, top --memory to show processes ranked by memory usage        2. top -c, top --cpu, to show processes ranked by cpu usage        3. top -i, top --io, to show processes ranked by io usage with callback from top io trace collector.      Top IO requires [DTrace][Dtrace] and it would take a while to finish. The new callback design is to run the job in he background and post a notification (OSX 10.8+) using notification center. Click on the notification to show the result in alfred.           Modifier Key      - none    : The default action is to list files opened by process ID    - control : Kill the selected process    - command : kill forcefully (kill -9)    - alt     : Nice (lower) the selected process's cpu priority    - shift   : Search web for process information     2.) kill: Filter process to kill.   Modifier Key      - none: The default action is to kill by process ID    - command : kill forcefully (kill -9)   3.) lsof: List files opened by process id   Modifier Key      - none: The default action is to reveal file in Finder   B. Filter by Query   1.) To search for process state, use :idle, :sleep, :stopped, :zombie, :uninterruptible, :runnable, etc.       2. Glance an Eye on your system   #### A. Keywords:   glance: Show system information including internal battery, bluetooth battery, disk capacity, etc.       B. Change Display Order   Activate Alfred Preferences → Advanced → Top Result Keyword Latching       Hit Enter for the feedback item you wish to show up on the top.     Installation Two ways are provided:
    You can download the Top Processes.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2. This method is suitable forregular users.
    You can git clone or fork this repository and use rake install and rake uninstall to install. Check rake -T for available tasks. This method create a symlink to the alfred workflow directory: "~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows". This method is suitable fordevelopers.
        Troubleshooting   1. Does not work in Mac OSX 10.9 (Maverick)   In OSX 10.9, the system ruby is upgraded to 2.0.0. You need to download the new version of this workflow which packs the ruby gems for 2.0.0 inside.   If the downloaded version does not work, try    1.) open Terminal.app. If you use rvm or rbenv, switch to the system ruby. run cd "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/me.zhaowu.top" && rake bundle:update   2. iotop causes mouse lagging   This issue is not caused by this workflow but by [DTrace][DTrace]. The related system log message is IOHIDSystem cursor update overdue. Resending.. In my Macbook Pro, any [DTrace][DTrace] based program will introduce this issue including the mac built-in /usr/bin/iotop, and /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/Instruments.app .   I upgrade to OS X 10.9 and this issue is resolved.   3. Encoding::CompatibilityError: incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8BIT and UTF-8   Add the following contents to /etc/launchd.conf. Restart is required.   setenv LANG en_US.UTF-8 setenv LC_ALL en_US.UTF-8      
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    mklement0 reacted to Carlos-Sz in Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)   
    Alfred 4
    Read about this workflow below.
    This is an update to address the new Alfred 4 data folder (thanks to xilopaint).
    Alfred 3 workflow to search and create notes in Evernote.


    ens to search in every note field ens @ to search in a selected notebook ens # to search notes with a selected tags You can use ent (search in titles only) or enr (search in reminders) or entodo (search to-do notes) or enrec (search notes updated within a week) or enu (search notes with a source URL) instead of ens.

    You can select multiple tags to fine tune your searching. Just add a second hash sign and select or type the tag e.g. ens #tag1 #tag2 :my query

    In addition, you can select a single notebook then tags too e.g. ent @notebook #tag1 #tag2 :my query

    Note that, if you want to select a notebook and/or tags, the query goes after the colon sign as seen above.

    Return key to open the note Shift key to preview the note Option key to set a reminder Control key to paste the note text content to the top most application Function key to open the note URL Command key to append text (from clipboard, selected text or typed) or selected file(s) in Finder. After pressing the Command key a new Alfred window will be shown so you will be able to select the text source and the action: Return key will append without date Option key with append with current date Hint: You can also use the Command key to only add tags to a note. To do so, type or select a tag and don't type anything after the colon then select the source "Type a Note" e.g. enn #tag :

    Note that Alfred Fallback Search is also supported (you have to add it in Alfred 2 Preferences>Features>Default Results, then click Setup fallback results button).


    Keyword enn

    You can optionally type the note title or, for a more complex creation, follow the syntax below:

    @Notebook #tag1 #tag2 !reminder :Title
    @notebook: after typing @ a list of notebooks will be displayed then select one or type it; the default will be used if omitted #tags: after typing # a list of tags will be displayed then select one or type a new one (multiple tags are supported, type each one after a hash sign) !reminder: after typing an exclamation point a list of reminder suggestions will be displayed then select one or type a custom reminder such as in 4 days or 05/01/2014 or 05/01/2014 at 2:00 Title: at the end, after a colon (or the second colon if you are adding time in your reminder) Note that items of the syntax are optional, however the syntax has to end with a colon, with or without typing the note title e.g. #tag1 :

    Note Content Source
    From clipboard From selected text Typed directly in Alfred From Safari or Google Chrome URL From message(s) selected in Mail app From file(s) selected in Finder app: you can create one note with files or one note for each selected files. Alfred File Browser also supported. Type a Note also supports multiple lines and, in this case, the first line will be the title of the note e.g. enn Line 1 /n Line 2 /n Line 3

    Return key: create a note Control Key: create a note and open it Command key: append text or file to a note Option key: append text to a note with current date How to Append
    Highlight one of the note content source e.g. From Clipboard Optionally type tags and a reminder e.g. #tag1 #tag2 !tomorrow hold command key and hit return key select a note from the list (search by title only) and hit return key Mail
    Message subject as the note title Message received date as the note creation date Message Link as the note source URL A short header (e.g. sender) A plain text version of the email content  
    Note Templates
    Read about templates here.

    Bring Alfred and type the keyword enpref:
    Search wildcard: you can set the workflow to automatically use the Evernote search wildcard (*) or you can set the workflow to use only if it is typed (the Manual setting may by faster in a huge note collection).  
    Download Evernote 9 beta 3
    Release date: 99 Jun 2019 Made in OS X 10.13.5 Requires Evernote 7.2 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 3 Download now  
    Download Evernote 9 beta 2
    Release date: 09 Aug 2016 Made in OS X 10.11.5 Requires Evernote 6 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 3 Download now  
    For Alfred 2
    Version 8.992 Release date: 20 Feb 2015 Made in OS X 10.10.2 Requires Evernote 6.06 from evernote.com Requires Alfred 2.6 or later Download now  
    What's new?
    9 beta 3: minor code optimizations and updated workflow preferences (enpref keyword) 9 beta 2: bugs fixed and Evernote API updated 9 beta 1: Alfred 3 support 8.991: Evernote 6.06 initial support 8.9: Yosemite beta and note templates support 8.7: interface bugs fixed 8.6: enn issue fixed Improved reminder time support e.g. Tomorrow at 2:00 Added support for tags that start with a hash sign e.g. #Home Added support for tags that start with an at sign e.g. @Work Added support for notebooks that start with an at sign e.g. @Notes Workflow should be faster in most of cases When appending from a search result now you can hold Option key to include current date Type a Note supports multiple lines (first line will be the title) e.g. enn Line 1 /n Line 2 New Keyword enl and its hotkey to load the last search query Added support for some of Alfred 2.3 new features Workflow version history here.
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